Precision Plastic mold making injection molding production

Precision Plastic mold making injection molding production

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Precision Plastic mold making injection molding production


Precision Plastic mold making injection molding production

The micro-foaming injection molding uses a foaming device to inject a supercritical fluid into a barrel stirring zone, and uses a special screw to chop the supercritical fluid to dissolve it sufficiently with the hot melt adhesive to form a single-phase solution. The single-phase solution must be kept at a certain high pressure so as not to be separated. The barrel is provided with a one-way check and a switch nozzle, so that a closed high pressure section is formed at the injection section at the front end of the barrel. When injecting, the switch-type nozzle is opened, and the single-phase solution is instantaneously injected into the mold cavity to start foaming. Since the temperature and pressure decrease cause molecular instability, a large number of bubble nuclei are formed in the product, and finally these bubble nuclei gradually grow to generate minute pores, and the gas acts to maintain pressure and reduce weight. The key technologies of micro-foam injection molding are mainly concentrated in two aspects: First, the modification of the micro-foaming device of the injection molding equipment, including the installation of the foaming device, the replacement of special screws and material materials, etc. The second is the micro-foaming forming process control. This technology is mainly applied to the plastic structural parts of the product, which has obvious effects in improving quality, reducing cost and shortening the forming cycle. It is currently not suitable for injection molding of transparent articles and high-demand products.

Compression technology after mold injection molding
The cavity space, while the melt in the cavity is always under a certain pressure; when the filling is finished, the mold starts to push backwards until it is completely closed, and the compression action is completed.

Local compression: When injecting, the mold is completely closed, and the compression slider built in the mold locally compresses the cavity during or after the injection.

The key technologies of compression molding technology after injection molding are mainly concentrated on the development of compression drive devices and injection molding process control. Because the technology can injection molding high-quality products thin-wall products, it can be widely used in transparent parts, mold parts and other aspects, which has broad market prospects.
In summary, the development of international mold technology is changing with each passing day. In order to achieve transformational level, China's mold enterprises must increase investment in high-end molds, cultivate high-end mold research and development capabilities, and enhance the core technology competitiveness of enterprises, thus promoting China's manufacturing. Transformation and upgrading of the industry.

Marks, symbols, and carvings on plastic parts
There are three forms:
For the plastic part is a convex word, the word on the mold is concave, and the mold manufacturing is convenient. However, it is easy to wear during polishing or use.
The plastic part is a concave word, and the word on the mold is a convex type. This type of mold is difficult to manufacture.
The plastic part is a convex type, and there is a concave decoration frame around the convex word, that is, a concave convex type. In this case, a single concave type mold can be used to insert into the mold, and the bonding line around the mosaic is usually used as a frame.



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Precision Plastic mold making injection molding production

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