ABS plastic part, plastic part mold,injection molding, Black ABS parts

ABS plastic part, plastic part mold,injection molding, Black ABS parts

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ABS plastic part, plastic part mold,injection molding, Black ABS parts


ABS plastic part, plastic part mold,injection molding, Black ABS

Characteristics of Injection Mold Manufacturing

The exterior and interior shapes of the plastic parts with three-dimensional surface of cavity and core are formed directly by cavity and core. It is difficult to process these complex three-dimensional surfaces. Especially for the inner forming surface of blind hole of cavity, if the traditional processing method is adopted, it requires not only high technical level of workers, many auxiliary fixtures and tools, but also long processing period.

The requirement of precision and surface quality is high, and the requirement of service life is long. At present, the dimension precision of general plastic parts is IT6-7, and the surface roughness Ra0.2-0.1 um. The corresponding dimension precision of injection mould parts is IT5-6, and the surface roughness Ra0.1 um or less. The roughness of the recording surface of the laser disk should reach 0.02-0.01 micron of the mirror processing level, which requires the surface roughness of the die to be less than 0.01 micron. Long life injection moulds are necessary to improve efficiency and reduce cost. At present, the service life of injection moulds generally requires more than 1 million times. Precision injection moulds should use rigid moulds, increase the thickness of moulds, increase supporting columns or conical positioning elements to prevent the deformation of moulds after pressure, sometimes the internal pressure can reach 100 MPa. Ejection device is an important factor affecting the deformation and dimensional accuracy of products. Therefore, the best ejection point should be selected to make ejection uniform everywhere. The structure of high precision injection moulds mostly adopts mosaic or full mosaic structure, which requires the processing accuracy and interchangeability of the parts of the moulds to be greatly improved.

The process is long and the manufacturing time is tight. For injection parts, most of them are complete products with other parts, and in many cases, they have been completed with other parts, eagerly waiting for the injection parts to go on the market. Because of the high requirement for the shape or dimension accuracy of products, and because of the different characteristics of resin materials, it is necessary to test and revise the mould repeatedly after manufacturing, which makes the time of development and delivery very tight.

Designing and manufacturing die in different places is not the ultimate goal, but the final design is put forward by the user. The die manufacturer designs and manufactures the die according to the user's requirements. And in most cases, injection production of products is also in other manufacturers. In this way, the design of products, the design and manufacture of moulds and the production of products are carried out in different places.

Professional division of labor, dynamic combination die production batch is small, generally belongs to single-piece production, but the die needs a lot of standard parts, large to the die base, small to the thimble, these can not and can not be completed by a single manufacturer, and the manufacturing process is complex, the use of common equipment and numerical control equipment is extremely unbalanced.

Plastic is a kind of material with high molecular weight synthetic resin as its main component. Under certain conditions (such as temperature, pressure, etc.), plastic can be made into a certain shape and keep its shape unchanged at room temperature.

Plastics can be divided into thermosetting plastics and thermoplastic plastics according to their surface properties after heating. The former is characterized by chemical reaction and hardening at a certain temperature after heating, pressurizing or adding hardener for a certain time. After hardening, the chemical structure of the plastics changes, the texture is hard, insoluble in solvents, and no longer softens when heated. If the temperature is too high, the plastics will decompose. The latter is characterized by the change of biological state after heating, the softening or melting of solids into viscous fluid state, but the hardening and solidification of solids after cooling, and the process can be repeated many times, while the molecular structure of plastics itself does not change.

Plastics are made of synthetic resins, fillers, plasticizers, dyes, stabilizers and other auxiliary materials. Therefore, the use and technological characteristics of different kinds of plastics are different due to the different properties, composition and production process of resins and auxiliary materials. For this reason, it is necessary to know the technological characteristics of the plastics used in the die design.

In addition, in order to make plastic a material of practical value, it must be formed into products. Injection molding accounts for more than 30% of the total plastic product molding. Therefore, before introducing the design of plastic injection molds, it is necessary to briefly introduce their molding process, process conditions, moulding equipment and their relationship with molds.




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ABS plastic part, plastic part mold,injection molding, Black ABS parts

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