OEM service, Plastic moulds for all plastic materials

OEM service,  Plastic moulds for all plastic materials

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OEM service,  Plastic moulds for all plastic materials


OEM service,  Plastic moulds for all plastic materials

Plastic Injection Molding Technology

Injection moulding is a kind of moulding method in which the melted plastic melt is injected into the closed mould cavity at high speed under high pressure, and the plastic products with the same shape as the mould cavity are obtained by cooling (for thermoplastics) or heating (for thermosetting plastics).

Injection moulding must satisfy three necessary conditions: first, the plastic must be injected into the cavity of the mould in the state of melting; second, the injected plastic melt must have enough pressure and flow speed to fully fill the cavity of the mould; third, the mould must meet the shape and size of the product and meet the requirements of the moulding process. Therefore, in order to complete injection moulding, three basic functions of plastics plasticization, melt injection and moulding and their control mechanisms must be established.

Injection Molding Process

Injection moulding is developed on the basis of the principle of metal die-casting moulding. The extrusion and moulding plasticity characteristics of plastic materials are used. Firstly, the solid (powder or granular) moulding plastics are melted and plasticized from the hopper of the injection machine into the high temperature barrel to make it viscous flow. Then, under the high pressure of the plunger or screw of the injection machine, through the nozzle of the injection machine, the solid (powder or granular) moulding plastics enter the pouring system of the injection moulds at high speed, enter the moulds cavity, and then, after cooling moulding, the moulds can be opened and the moulds can be stripped from the moulds with certain shape and geometr An inch of plastic parts.

In order to make the production go smoothly, the preparation before injection processing is very important. These tasks mainly include: pretreatment of the material state, cleaning of the barrel of the injection machine, preheating of the used inserts, cleaning of the mould, selecting the release agent and so on.

The pretreatment of raw materials before production includes the following two parts.

Analysis of physical and chemical indicators of testing materials. According to the requirement of the technological characteristics of the material during forming, the moisture content, appearance color, impurity and thermal stability, fluidity and shrinkage index of the material were tested. For the requirement of colour and lustre, it is necessary to mix evenly with masterbatch (or powder) in a certain proportion.

 Preheating and drying. For plastics with strong hygroscopicity (such as polyphthalamine, etc.) or plastics with large water content, preheating and drying should be carried out according to the water content requirement allowed by injection moulding process. The purpose is to remove excessive moisture or volatile substances from materials, prevent hydrolysis in the process of forming, and prevent defects such as bubbles or crazes in products after forming.

There are many ways of preheating and drying. Air circulation drying box and hopper drying box are commonly used. In the circulating drying box, pay attention to the material thickness on the drying plate, generally 15-20 mm is the appropriate, the maximum thickness is not more than 30 mm; in order to facilitate the circulation and circulation of air, this method is uniform and fast drying.



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OEM service,  Plastic moulds for all plastic materials


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