Black ABS Vehicle cup holder, ABS/PC plastic parts mold

Black ABS Vehicle cup holder, ABS/PC plastic parts mold

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Black ABS Vehicle cup holder, ABS/PC plastic parts mold


Black ABS Vehicle cup holder, ABS/PC plastic parts mold

Welding lines (marks) of plastic parts

There are many holes in the plastic parts. When the melt fills the mould, the core of the forming hole will go around in two routes, and form a joint on the other side of the core. This joint is called weld line (mark), which will form a weak link on the plastic parts and affect its mechanical properties, especially the impact strength will be reduced. Plastic parts usually have two or more gates because of their large size or complex shape. The melt entering the cavity from different gates also forms weld lines at the junction. The effects of different plastic weld lines on the properties of plastic parts are also different. The weld lines of crystalline plastics (such as nylon) have little effect on the properties of plastic parts. The weld lines of amorphous plastics (such as polystyrene) have great influence on plastic parts. Experiments show that the weld line strength can be improved by adjusting the injection process parameters. Increasing melt temperature, mould temperature and injection speed are beneficial to improving the strength of welded parts, which is more effective for improving viscosities and temperature sensitive plastics.

Appearance Quality and Surface Decoration of Plastic Parts

In addition to the cracks caused by stress release, warpage caused by uneven shrinkage and weld lines in some parts mentioned earlier, plastic parts will also produce various surface defects due to improper die design or process control. Common surface defects are surface silver wire, bubbles, dark lines, dark spots, surface depression, corner blackening, whitening near the gate, wrinkles and rubs, poor gloss, surface material ripple or corrugation, uneven color, surface scratches and inclusion of unmelted plastic particles, etc.

The above defects can be avoided by adjusting and controlling the process and die design.

Nowadays, there are many methods to decorate the surface of plastic products. Solvent brightening and coating are used to cover the defects, or various patterns (leather, wood, satin, etc.) are processed from the die cavity to form plastic parts with corresponding patterns, which not only conceal the defects, but also increase the aesthetic feeling of the plastic parts.

Chemical Changes of Polymers in Molding Process

The chemical changes of polymers during moulding mainly include crosslinking and degradation. They are also similar to crystallization and orientation, which have an important impact on the properties and quality of products. Crosslinking reaction is an important process of thermosetting polymer forming. Without cross-linking reaction, thermosetting polymers can not be transformed from linear structure to bulk structure products and can not be cured. However, abnormal cross-linking reaction should be avoided in the formation of thermoplastic polymers, because the forming performance will deteriorate after cross-linking. Degradation is usually harmful. It can make many properties of products worse and the forming process difficult to control. However, when necessary, degradation can also be consciously used to reduce the viscosity of polymer melts to improve their flow and moulding properties.

Selection and Adjustment of Injection Molding Process Parameters

Injection moulding process is a closely interdependent and interacting relationship composed of temperature, pressure and time (moulding cycle). In order to select and control these technological parameters correctly, it is necessary to consider the types and properties of the moulded plastics. These properties include their relative molecular weight, melting point, decomposition temperature, fluidity, condensation crystallization and so on.



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Black ABS Vehicle cup holder, ABS/PC plastic parts mold

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