ABS bottle holder for automotive, auto parts manufacturer

ABS bottle holder for automotive, auto parts manufacturer

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ABS bottle holder for automotive, auto parts manufacturer


ABS bottle holder for automotive, auto parts manufacturer

Selection of Plastic Products Equipment

Equipment is one of the most important aspects in the whole design of plastic products, because the quality of plastic products will not be better than the equipment used to produce it. Although product designers do not need the ability to design equipment, they must understand the basic knowledge of equipment in order to facilitate product design and process selection. The cost of equipment used and the type of products designed (which can be produced) are the most important determinants in the process selection. These two factors are determined by the pressure required by the process and the number of equipment components. In order to achieve the purpose of discussing the equipment, the process has been divided according to the pressure required for die opening and section processing, and discussed separately.

Structure of basic equipment

Generally speaking, the equipment cost of open-die processing is lower than that of closed-die processing equipment for products of the same complexity, because the former only needs half of the mould. However, other moulding processes require either a positive die and a negative die (core and cavity) or two negative dies (isolated cavity for hollow products); however, only one positive die or one negative die is needed for Open-die processing. The pressure in the open-die process is minimal or not required. Generally speaking, the equipment cost of closed-die processing is higher because it requires certain forming pressure. The greater the pressure in the equipment, the greater the strength of the equipment (and the more expensive the equipment), because the higher the pressure, the stronger the material is required to produce the required solid dies, and these high-strength materials are more expensive and more difficult to process. However, the greater the pressure, the more fine products can be formed, and can greatly shorten the forming cycle. Therefore, an obvious reason is that with the increase of equipment costs, the price of individual products is reduced.

Closed moulds are either composed of core and cavity or combined moulds, which are used for hollow moulding (blow moulding or rotary moulding). The place where two (or more) die components meet is called parting line. In order to prevent plastic from leaking out of the mould, the two halves of the mould must match perfectly. If the parting line is flat and on a plane, it is quite easy to close the two halves of the die. However, some designs require parting lines of specific shapes. This is the so-called concave-convex parting line, which requires extra care in the die. Therefore, the cost of the die with concave and convex parting lines is higher than that of the die with flat parting lines. When the half die is tightened with the other half die, the plastic melt cannot flow through this area, so it must be opened in the product. When the opening is located on the plane parallel to the parting line, it is called cut-off. It usually cuts off the core of the cavity, because the shrinkage causes the product to deflect towards the other side of the cut, so the opening is best opened on the side of the core of the mould. For strange or large openings, the protruding part is usually cut off at the solid core. However, it is very economical to open a circular hole from the core pin. Note that there is a hole on the side of the product. The opening of the core will hinder the demoulding operation of the product ejected from the die. Therefore, the core is installed in a movable place, so that the core can be replaced after each forming cycle is completed. This process is a waste of time for high-speed production, so some mechanical equipment, such as cylinders and cams, can be braked by the relative motion of two dies, which can improve the production speed. These mechanisms are known as sliding or lateral mechanisms, and they are also used in injection moulding processes to manipulate the two-piece parting of the combined mold.



Plastic Injection Mold Show

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ABS bottle holder for automotive, auto parts manufacturer


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