ABS plastic product for automotive, bottle holder for auto

ABS plastic product for automotive, bottle holder for auto

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ABS plastic product for automotive, bottle holder for auto


ABS plastic product for automotive, bottle holder for auto

On the opposite side of the hole, there is a depression. This depression does not penetrate the whole product. It is called undercutting. It also hinders the ejection of the product from the die. However, if the undercutting is narrow, the radius at the edge is large enough, and the material is soft enough, once the cavity is ejected, the undercutting can be removed from the die. If the undercutting is too deep to be peeled off, removable core inserts or depressed core must be added to eject the undercutting. If the undercutting is too deep, the undercutting can also be placed in the die, but a combination die, slider or removable core insert need to be added. Removable core inserts lengthen the forming time; combined dies and sliders increase the cost of the die; while depressed cores are feasible, they usually cost more to process.

Thermoplastics are processed using cooling moulds (some require heated moulds), which can speed up the moulding process. Therefore, some cooling passages are cut out in the die to let the cooling water flow through the die. The purpose of this is to ensure that the surface of the die is kept at the same temperature, so that the moulding parts can be cooled evenly, thus avoiding the product deformation. However, through the contour design of the die, the actual effect can be close to the ideal state to a large extent. The above purpose is usually achieved by a well-designed cooling system, but this will greatly increase the cost of the die. Usually, the price difference of various purchase orders is largely due to the selection of different cooling systems.

Thermosetting plastics do not need to be cooled because they cross-link during forming. Therefore, thermosetting plastics are not cooled, and cooling channels can be used to heat media such as steam or oil.

Equipment for Open-die forming

Open-die processing methods include hot forming, lamination and spraying. Because the open-die forming can only form one side of the product, only the forming side needs to be designed. The equipment used in the open-die forming process is very simple. The cooling system must be used in the thermoforming process. Root cutting can be formed by using removable or disconnected parts, which are connected to the product and separated from the die, and must be replaced before each forming cycle. Springs or cylinders can be used to start these components in high production situations. Sometimes, when the root cutting needs to be stripped, spring or mechanical equipment can also be used for mechanical demoulding.

Usually, the holes in the products must be processed in the second processing process, because the surface of the die can not be closed in the open-die forming, so that the holes in the products can be opened. For lamination and spray forming process, larger openings such as the central part of the window frame can be formed in the die. The holes that need to be cut need additional processing equipment, but the cost of these equipment is low. Since these operations are the secondary processing process after the moulding of the part, the cost of the product will be increased by opening the hole. Because the open-die forming process does not require pressure, it can not produce fine structures that require pressure forming. However, there is a variant of thermoforming, i.e. hot pressing, which can produce the required fine structure through special processing equipment.



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ABS plastic product for automotive, bottle holder for auto


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