Bottle holder for automotive, plastic injection mold, ABS plastic mold manufacturer

Bottle holder for automotive, plastic injection mold, ABS plastic mold manufacturer

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Bottle holder for automotive, plastic injection mold, ABS plastic mold manufacturer


Bottle holder for automotive, plastic injection mold, ABS plastic mold manufacturer

Equipment for Low or Medium Pressure Molding

This type of processing covers those processes requiring the use of closed moulds that can withstand high forming pressures and are made of hardened steel. Processing processes of this kind include casting, cold pressing, resin transfer moulding (RTM), reactive injection moulding (RIM), low pressure compression moulding (LPMC), hollow product moulding, rotary moulding and blow moulding. In these processes, the lower the forming pressure is, the more technology is used to make the mould. Most of the technology uses soft metal to process the mould or to cast through a certain model. Soft metals, such as aluminium, are processed faster and cheaper than hardened steel. The lowest cost equipment is obtained by building a product model and casting according to this model. They are usually made from epoxy resin and glass fiber. Models are made of wood, and if they are of the right shape and size, they can be processed by computer-driven processing, a technique known as stereolithography. But the equipment will wear out in a limited time and then have to re-cast a mould according to the model. The number of products a die can process before wear can range from a dozen to thousands, depending on the complexity of the process and design. Usually, the more complex the design of products, the greater the pressure on the die, the shorter the life of the die. Complex designs have more fine structures.

These structures are very vulnerable to damage, and the greater the pressure they bear, the greater the possibility of damage. In some cases, epoxy resin moulds can be coated with nickel to increase surface finish and prolong service life of moulds.

The raw materials used in most low or medium pressure moulding equipment can not be easily removed from the core by mechanical means. Therefore, the holes are processed in the secondary processing, and the other solution is to remove and replace the core manually. This process takes more time than mechanical operation. However, since these processes are not high-speed operations, it is not a problem to add a little extra time.

High pressure forming equipment

Both injection and compression processes produce the highest molding pressure and require the strongest steel dies for mass production. However, the types of moulds discussed in the low or medium pressure moulding sections are often used for trial production and short-term use. It should be pointed out that the methods mentioned above have certain limitations when these processing methods can produce higher forming pressure. That's because engineers are used to incorporating the fine parts and surface properties that these processing methods can produce into their designs, without considering that these moulds used for trial production and short-term use cannot withstand the pressure on the moulded products many times. How many times the mold can withstand the impact of forming will depend on the design of the product. However, it is obvious that the harder the die material is, the longer the equipment will last without major maintenance or replacement. When necessary, inlays made of harder materials, such as steel, are required.

Dies used for trial production and short-term use often simplify the design process of other equipment, such as manual cores, manual ejection devices, and limited or imaginary cooling systems, to save production costs. Usually, the forming cycle is mainly determined by the cooling time of the product. The product must be cooled to a sufficient hardness for demoulding. Therefore, the shape and strength of the product will be obviously affected by the difference of the die structure which determines these parameters. As a result, a single cavity must have exactly the same cooling system, core removal devices and ejection facilities as the die if it is required to produce a fine prototype. This work is usually used in the manufacture of large, expensive multi-cavity dies.

Profile forming equipment

Profile forming methods, namely extrusion and pultrusion, have to use steel moulds because of the back pressure behind the moulds in the production process. However, because the shapes of the products formed by these two methods are relatively simple, the equipment cost of these methods is relatively low.




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Bottle holder for automotive, plastic injection mold, ABS plastic mold manufacturer

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