ABS automotive cup holder, plastic mold for auto

ABS automotive cup holder, plastic mold for auto

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ABS automotive cup holder, plastic mold for auto


ABS automotive cup holder, plastic mold for auto

In modern times, although there are many methods of forming plastic products, injection moulding can form almost all shapes of plastic parts. However, in order to produce high-quality and high-benefit injection products, we must have high-quality injection moulds. To design and manufacture high-quality injection moulds, we must first be able to design the design principles and methods of injection moulding products for plastic products that meet the requirements of use and moulding process.

Design Principles of Products

In the design of plastic products, the following four basic principles must be followed

The function and performance of plastic products should be guaranteed during their service life. Therefore, on the basis of failure analysis of plastic products, theoretical design calculation and verification, as well as experimental testing are also needed.

On the premise of guaranteeing the use function and performance of plastic products, the materials used should be selected. At the same time, the feasibility of processing and the cost of materials must be considered.

Most plastic parts are cured and shaped after heating. Therefore, the influence of rheological process and morphological change of polymer on plastic parts must be considered.

As most plastic products are components of various devices and equipment, their design should be unified in the whole machine. Therefore, on the premise of guaranteeing the quality of the whole machine, the cost of plastic products should be reduced as much as possible. In addition, the plastic products designed should be standardized and serialized as far as possible. Because the degree of standardization and serialization also reflects the development level of plastic industry.

Design process of products

The designer of plastic products should not only possess the knowledge and skills of mechanical designer in drawing, tolerance matching and technical measurement, engineering mechanics and mechanical design, but also possess the knowledge of plastic products, plastic materials and formulations, plastic processing, plastic moulding and moulding machinery in plastic processing engineering. They complement each other.

In each production process of plastic products, product design plays a leading role. The design of plastic products can generally be divided into three stages.

After accepting and defining the design task, the design scheme of the proposed product needs to collect all kinds of relevant data and technical data. After synthesizing and analyzing the above data, the following steps can be taken: 1. determining the function and performance of the product; 2. choosing suitable plastic raw materials; 3. determining the forming and processing method of the product; 4. failure analysis of the plastic product.

When drawing up a plan, we should follow the conventional method of analysis, comparison and gradual optimization of multiple plans.

The structure design of plastic products basically includes three aspects: functional structure, technological structure and moulding structure.

Selection of Materials for Injection Molded Products

Selection of materials for injection moulded products should not only ensure their use function and performance within a certain period of time, but also take into account the problems of processing, cost and supply.

Defects and defects in the production and use of injection plastics products can be summarized into two main reasons: the first is the improper design of plastic products, which includes unreasonable structure design and improper material selection. The reason is that the use requirements of products, the structural and technological requirements of products are not clear, and the properties and characteristics of plastic materials are not well understood. The second is the improper design of injection moulds in terms of the selection of injection process and process parameters. Therefore, the designer of the product must have a detailed understanding of the properties, physical and mechanical state of the plastic material and the characteristics of the injection molding process before designing and manufacturing the product to meet the requirements of use.




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ABS automotive cup holder, plastic mold for auto





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