CNC Processing Metal parts, Hardware processing

CNC Processing Metal parts, Hardware processing

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CNC Processing Metal parts, Hardware processing


CNC Processing Metal parts, Hardware processing

Design and Structural Processing of Injection Molded Products

The matching of the shape, size, surface performance, precision, physical and mechanical properties of plastics with the required equipment, moulds and process methods is referred to as the workability of parts, which is commonly referred to as machinability. If the general equipment, common mold (refers to simple processing, low cost) and looser process conditions can be used to produce products that meet the requirements, it can be considered that the process of the product is better; conversely, it is said that the process is poor.

The technological property of the product can be judged according to the material selection of the plastic part, the structure of the plastic part and the machinability of the plastic part. If the product has good workmanship, there will be no more defects in the production process. The technological quality of products is generally related to the designer's experience, but there are certain rules to follow for plastic injection moulding products which are mainly designed according to the use requirements. In order to obtain suitable plastic products, the following factors must be considered.

The processing conditions of plastic parts are mainly limited by the processing conditions of plastic materials. That is to say, in the design of plastic parts, more consideration should be given to the changes of material processing performance, fluidity and density at processing temperature. This is also the condition for designing the structure of plastic parts.

The physical and mechanical properties of the structural plastic parts are closely related to the structure of the plastic parts. At the same time, the forming and dimensional accuracy of the plastic parts are greatly affected. The design of plastic parts depends on the structural design of plastic parts to give full play to the performance advantages of plastic materials. Relying on the structural characteristics to compensate for the shortcomings of materials, relying on the advantages of materials, compensating for structural defects (3) The structural design of Machinable plastics generally pursues the beauty of appearance, but machinability defects can not ignore the machinability of plastic parts, referring to the production of moulds can not be too complex: if the structural complexity coefficient of moulds is high, it will inevitably make moulds very difficult to process; at the same time, the machinability of moulds is also very complex Process control is difficult and difficult to process. In principle, the design of plastic parts is mainly based on the technological considerations of processing. In order to improve the design ability of plastic parts, besides mastering general principles, we need to accumulate a lot of experience. For general plastic parts design, the following principles should be met.

On the premise that the service performance of products (such as geometric size and accuracy, physical and mechanical properties, etc.) meets the requirements, the materials with good moulding performance should be selected.

The geometric dimension (shape structure, etc.) of the design and production should consider the simplification of processing.

In designing the shape of the product, more consideration should be given to the structural characteristics of the die.

When designing products, the flow characteristics of plastic materials during processing should be taken into account, so as to reduce the defects such as orientation of products caused by structural characteristics.

The auxiliary workload should be reduced when the product is formed. The assistant work in product forming refers to the processing and post-processing after process



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CNC Processing Metal parts, Hardware processing


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