Plastic Parts Made of ABS, injection molding part

Plastic Parts Made of ABS, injection molding part

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Plastic Parts Made of ABS, injection molding part


Plastic Parts Made of ABS, injection molding part

Design of Injection Molded Products

The main contents of plastic product design include its shape, size and accuracy, surface quality, wall thickness, demoulding inclination, reinforcement, supporting surface, hole, fillet, thread, hinge and insert etc. In the design, the relationship with the forming die will also be involved, which should be considered comprehensively.

Accuracy of Injection Products

The exterior dimensions of plastic injection products are mainly limited by the fluidity of plastic varieties and the specifications of injection machines (including injection volume, clamping force, molding area and size of fixing base, etc.). Under certain equipment and process conditions, plastic with good fluidity can form larger size products. On the premise of meeting the requirements of product use, the structure design of the product should be as compact as possible to make its shape appear small and exquisite.

The design drawings of injection parts indicate the accuracy of size and shape position by tolerance. This is not only related to the interchangeability and use function of plastic products in assembly, but also to the economy of plastic engineering.

Factors Influencing Dimensional Accuracy of Injection Molded Products

The precision of plastic parts is lower than that of metal parts, which is determined by the properties of plastic materials and processing characteristics. There are several factors affecting the dimensional accuracy of plastic parts, and the main ones are the shrinkage of materials and the manufacturing errors of moulds.

Factors of Molding Materials

If the injection is thermoplastic, it is filled and flowed in the state of high temperature, high pressure and melting. The temperature of common melts is 170-300 C, then they are cooled and solidified. The usual demoulding temperature is 20-100 C. Plastic materials have a linear expansion coefficient 2 to 10 times larger than metal. Different plastics have different shrinkage rates. The shrinkage of amorphous and thermosetting plastics is less than 1%. The shrinkage of crystalline plastics is more than 1%. The plastic filled with inorganic filler and reinforced with glass fiber has lower shrinkage rate. The larger the shrinkage is, the larger the fluctuation range of the shrinkage is.

Factor of Die

For small size plastic parts, the manufacturing error of the mould is only 1/3 of the tolerance of the plastic parts. The wear of the die cavity and core, including the surface grinding and polishing of the cavity, results in the error of these forming parts accounting for 1/6 of the tolerance of the plastic parts. The precision of single cavity moulded products is higher. For every increase in the number of cavity, the precision of plastic parts will be reduced by 5%. The size of the plastic part formed by the moving parts on the die is of low precision. When the gating system and cooling system on the mould are not designed properly, the shrinkage of the moulded parts will be uneven. If the force of the demoulding system is not appropriate, the ejected part will be deformed. All of these will affect the precision of plastic parts.

Factors of Plastic Parts Structure

The wall thickness and geometrical shape of the plastic parts also affect the shrinkage during forming. If the wall thickness of the plastic parts is uniform and the shape is symmetrical, the shrinkage of the plastic parts can be balanced. Improving the rigidity of plastic parts, such as the reasonable setting of reinforcing bars and the use of metal inserts, can reduce the warping deformation of plastic parts, and is also conducive to improving the accuracy of plastic parts.

Technological factors

Temperature, pressure and time at all stages of injection cycle will affect the shrinkage of plastic parts.

Orientation and residual stress. The optimum process that meets the precision requirement of plastic parts exists, and the more important thing to ensure the accuracy of plastic parts is the stability of process parameters. The error caused by the fluctuation of forming conditions accounts for one third of the tolerance of plastic parts.

The actual shrinkage rate of plastics in the forming process is an important basis for the design of die cavity, and it is also an important parameter for the dimensional accuracy of plastic parts. There are many factors affecting the shrinkage of plastic parts, besides the above factors, the structure and geometry of the parts, the forming method, the level of equipment, the number of metal inserts and so on. The smaller the shrinkage, the more conducive to improving the dimensional accuracy of products and preventing the deformation of products.

Measurement and Storage Conditions after Forming

The measurement errors are mainly caused by instability of measuring tools, measuring methods, temperature and conditions. If the parts are not stored properly after forming, they can also cause the plastic parts to bend, twist and other deformation phenomena. The temperature and humidity during storage and use also have an impact on the accuracy of the plastic parts.


The sensitivity of plastic materials to time, temperature, humidity and environmental conditions is more serious after injection moulding. The reason lies in the poor stability of the size and position accuracy of the plastic parts. The dimensional stability of various plastics varies, which can be improved by strengthening and modifying the plastics. The use of aging, annealing and humidification methods for plastic parts can also stabilize the accuracy of products in use.



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Plastic Parts Made of ABS, injection molding part


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