CNC lather parts, Polishing Hardware, Metal Parts Processing

CNC lather parts, Polishing Hardware, Metal Parts Processing

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CNC lather parts, Polishing Hardware, Metal Parts Processing


CNC lather parts, Polishing Hardware, Metal Parts Processing

Plastic injection moulding products are mainly designed according to the use requirements. In order to obtain suitable plastic products, the following factors must be considered.

On the premise of guaranteeing the use requirements of products, such as geometric size and accuracy, physical and mechanical properties, plastics with low price and good moulding performance should be used as far as possible. At the same time, the shape and structure of products should be made simple and the wall thickness should be uniform.

When designing the shape and structure of the product, we should try our best to make it have good forming technology and simple die structure.

The shape of the product should be conducive to die typing, exhaust, feeding and cooling.

Attention should be paid to the orientation problem during forming, and the obvious anisotropy of the products should be avoided as far as possible unless there are special requirements.

The auxiliary workload before and after moulding should be as little as possible, the technical requirements and dimensional accuracy should be as low as possible, and it is better not to carry out mechanical processing after moulding.

The main contents of plastic product design include its shape, size and accuracy, surface quality, wall thickness, demoulding inclination, reinforcement, supporting surface, hole, fillet, thread, hinge and insert etc. In the design, the relationship with the forming die will also be involved, which should be considered comprehensively.

Wall Thickness of Plastic Parts

The wall thickness and uniformity of plastic products have a great influence on the quality of plastic parts. The wall thickness is too small and the flow resistance of melt is too high during forming, which makes it difficult for large and complex products to fill the cavity. The excessive wall thickness will not only increase the consumption of raw materials and production costs, but also increase the curing time and even cause incomplete curing for the injection molding of thermosetting plastics. For thermoplastic plastics, the cooling time will be increased, and the forming period will be prolonged. It is estimated that the cooling time will increase four times for every doubling of the wall thickness of products. In addition, the products are also prone to defects such as depression, shrinkage, warpage and so on.

When designing plastic products, the wall thickness should first meet the requirements of service performance (such as strength, stiffness, quality and dimensional stability), in addition, it should also meet the requirements of forming (such as filling the cavity, withstanding shock and vibration when demoulding, and withstanding tightening force when assembling). There is a minimum wall thickness for plastic products, which varies according to the grade of plastic materials and the size of products.

The post-processing and secondary processing of moulded plastic parts should be minimized. It is better that the moulded parts can be directly used for assembling all holes, slots, tapping studs, buckles, inserts and other structures in the cavity as far as possible.

The casting system has reliable moulding, high efficiency and quick filling, quick cooling of moulding parts and fast and reliable pushing mechanism. The runner and gate are easy to remove, the manufacturing cost is low, the structure is simple, reliable and practical, the manufacturing time is shortened and the manufacturing cost is reduced.

Material aspect

It has enough hardness and wear resistance to withstand the friction of material flow. Usually the hardness of the internal die material should be above 35HRC. For the injection glass fiber reinforced plastics mold and the mass production mold, the hardness of the internal die insert is usually required to be above 50HRC.

The polishing property of the material is good, the surface should be smooth and beautiful, and the surface roughness should be below Ra0.4m. For the mould for transparent plastic parts, the surface of the cavity should be polished by mirror, and the surface roughness should be below Ra0.2m.

The cutting performance is good and the technological performance is good. The important parts and precise parts should be grinded, and the general parts should be turning or milling as far as possible.

Easy to maintain and repair, easy to damage and difficult to process section to consider mosaic structure, in order to facilitate rapid replacement after damage. Die is a kind of long-life production tool. It must be considered in future maintenance and maintenance when designing.



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CNC lather parts, Polishing Hardware, Metal Parts Processing


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