CNC Machining parts, OEM service and plastic mold making

CNC Machining parts, OEM service and plastic mold making

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CNC Machining parts, OEM service and plastic mold making


CNC Machining parts, OEM service and plastic mold making

1. The Method of Achieving the Dimensional Accuracy of Parts

(1) Trial cutting method

That is to say, try to cut a small part of the machined surface, measure the size of the machined surface, adjust the position of the cutting edge of the tool relative to the workpiece according to the processing requirements, then try to cut, and then measure. After two or three times of trial cutting and measurement, when the machined size meets the requirements, then cut the whole surface to be machined.

Trial-cutting method through "trial-cutting-measurement-adjustment-trial-cutting", repeated until the required size accuracy. For example, the test boring of box holes.

Trial-cutting method may achieve high accuracy, it does not need complex equipment, but this method is time-consuming (multiple adjustments, trial-cutting, measurement, calculation), low efficiency, relying on the technical level of workers and the accuracy of measuring instruments, the quality is not stable, so it is only used in single small batch production.

As a type of trial-cutting method, matching is a method that takes the processed part as the reference, processes another workpiece matching with it, or combines two (or more) workpieces for processing. The requirement of the final machined dimension in matching is based on the requirement of matching with the machined parts.

(2) Adjustment Method

Precise relative positions of machine tools, fixtures, tools and workpieces are adjusted with sample or standard parts in advance to ensure the dimensional accuracy of workpieces. Because the dimension is adjusted in place beforehand, the dimension is automatically obtained without trial cutting, and remains unchanged during the processing of a batch of parts. This is the adjustment method. For example, when a milling fixture is used, the position of the cutter is determined by the cutter block. The essence of the adjustment method is to make use of the fixed range device or tool setting device or the pre-adjusted tool holder on the machine tool to achieve a certain position accuracy of the tool relative to the machine tool or fixture, and then process a batch of workpieces.

In the machine tool according to the dial into the knife and then cutting, is also a method of adjustment. This method needs to first determine the scale on the dial according to the trial cutting method. In mass production, the tool setting devices such as fixed-range block, sample and template are used to adjust.

The adjustment method has better stability of processing accuracy and higher productivity than the trial cutting method, and has lower requirement for machine tool operators, but higher requirement for machine tool adjusters. It is often used in batch production and mass production.

(3) Fixed-size method

The method of guaranteeing the size of the part to be machined by the corresponding size of the cutting tool is called the fixed size method. It is machined with standard size cutters, and the size of the machined surface is determined by the size of the cutter. That is to say, tools with certain dimensional accuracy (such as reamers, reaming drills, drills, etc.) are used to ensure the accuracy of the parts to be processed (such as holes).

Fixed-size method is easy to operate, high productivity, stable processing accuracy, almost independent of the technical level of workers, high productivity, widely used in various types of production. For example, drilling holes, reaming holes, etc.

(4) Active measurement

In the process of machining, the active measurement method is to measure the dimension while processing, and compare the measured results with the dimension required by the design, or to make the machine continue to work, or to stop the work of the machine.

At present, the values in active measurement can be displayed digitally. Active measurement method adds the measuring device to the process system (i.e. machine tool, tool, fixture and workpiece) and becomes its fifth factor.

Active measurement has stable quality and high productivity, which is the direction of development.

(5) Automatic Control Method

This method is composed of measuring device, feeding device and control system. It is an automatic processing system consisting of measuring, feeding device and control system. The processing process is completed automatically by the system.

A series of work such as dimension measurement, tool compensation adjustment, cutting and machine tool parking are automatically completed to achieve the required dimension accuracy. For example, when machining on CNC machine tools, parts control the processing order and accuracy through various instructions of the program.



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CNC Machining parts, OEM service and plastic mold making


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