Electroplate plastic part, injection molding parts, plastic mold

Electroplate plastic part, injection molding parts, plastic mold

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Electroplate plastic part, injection molding parts, plastic mold


Electroplate plastic part, injection molding parts, plastic mold

Manufacture of inserts

Metal inserts are mechanical parts with certain precision produced in large quantities. Require simple and symmetrical structure, easy to use high-efficiency pressure processing production, as far as possible use of cold-drawn and cold-rolled profiles, reduce and avoid metal cutting, to ensure the accuracy of positioning and size matching. Whether pins, sleeves or slabs should be chamfered and deburred to ensure a firm connection with the plastic parts. For the material selection of the inserts and plastic parts, the different linear expansion coefficients of the two materials should be taken into account in the cooling process of injection. Thermosetting plastics have small linear expansion coefficient and are easy to fasten with metal inserts. The linear expansion coefficients of thermoplastics and metal inserts are quite different. For brittle thermoplastics such as polystyrene and acrylic resins, metal inserts should be used with caution. Polypropylene is not suitable for brass inserts.

The design of inserts and plastic parts for products with inserts, generally we have to design the inserts first, and then design the items. In addition, the durable connection fastness and the feasibility of the injection process must be considered in the design process of the two. The following points should be noted in the design of inserts

The plastic around the metal insert should be thick enough. The plastic layer around the insert should not be too thin. Otherwise, the inconsistency of the shrinkage between the plastic and the insert will produce larger shrinkage stress, which may lead to cracking near the insert. Due to the great difference in thermal properties such as linear expansion coefficient between metal and plastic, the plastic around the insert after cooling and curing has greater residual stress. There are fusion joints around the insert, which reduces the mechanical properties of the material. Therefore, the plastic around the metal inserts should be thick enough.

When designing plastic parts with removable connections, it is very difficult to directly mold threads on plastic parts, and the strength of plastic threads is poor. Metal nuts and screw inserts are suitable for boxes and caps requiring multiple tightening.

In addition, deformable parts such as metal sheets and rivets can be inserted into the hole slots reserved on the plastic parts to bend or enlarge the joints.

Location of inserts. It must be positioned reliably in the die and not loosened in the closing motion of the moving die. No offset and no leakage under high pressure melt stamping. Screw insert, the cylindrical hole on the die and the upper shaft segment of the screw insert have H9/f9 matching positioning size. The axis orientation of the screw insert is poor, and the melt may overflow the threaded teeth. Axis direction has shoulder positioning, melt will not overflow the screw teeth. Nut inserts are not through holes. Positioning mandrel on insert insertion die. If the insert is a through-hole nut, a removable screw mandrel is required. Turn the nut insert outside the die and position it on the die.

Appropriate insert height. In order to prevent the columnar insert from being deflected by high-pressure melt, the insert height h should not exceed twice the positioning diameter D. For larger flake inserts, all inserts embedded in plastic parts, such as automotive steering wheel, are supported by core pillars on the die.

Other. When processing the products with inserts, we should pay close attention to the fixing of inserts in the mould and other variable factors such as preventing the impact deformation of melts; the thermal expansion coefficient of general insert materials should be similar to that of plastic materials, and the inserts should not be designed to include angles; multi-insert products should be placed as evenly as possible in the interior of the products, and the stress produced by decomposition and balance.



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Electroplate plastic part, injection molding parts, plastic mold


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