Plating Plastic Parts, plastic tooling for mechanical plastic parts

Plating Plastic Parts, plastic tooling for mechanical plastic parts

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Plating Plastic Parts, plastic tooling for mechanical plastic parts


Plating Plastic Parts, plastic tooling for mechanical plastic parts

Design of Metal Mosaics

In injection moulding, metal parts embedded in plastic products are called inserts.

Generally, the inserts in injection moulding parts are parts pre-placed in the mould cavity. After filling the mould, the melt is solidified with the plastic to form a whole. The inserts are made of metal, glass, ceramics, plastics and wood, among which metal inserts are the most widely used. Sometimes in order to meet the special requirements of the strength, hardness, wear resistance and conductivity of plastics, to adapt to different occasions, or to make up for the defects caused by the inadequate technological structure of plastics products, and to solve the technical problems of special technical requirements, inserts are often used to achieve the above purpose. By using inserts, the dimensional stability and product accuracy of plastics can be improved, and the material loss can be reduced.

Installation of inserts in moulds is labor-consuming and time-consuming; larger inserts need to be preheated; it is difficult to operate with a manipulator; inserts are misplaced, positioned or even lost, which will make the plastic parts scrapped and damage the moulds. The bonding strength between inserts and plastic parts is the weakness of this kind of products, which will affect the creep and aging properties of long-term use.

The function of inserts

Compared with metals, plastics have poor mechanical properties such as strength, stiffness, stability and wear resistance. Sometimes special functions such as conductivity, heat transfer, high insulation, transparency, double color marking and decoration are needed, which can only be achieved by using different materials of inserts combined with matrix plastics.

Improving the Mechanical Properties of Plastic Parts

Plastic parts such as steering wheel and handle of driving car are made of metal skeleton, and then injected with plastic with good handle to ensure the rigidity and dimensional stability of these plastic parts. The central hole of the transmission parts such as plastic gears and pulleys, commonly used as inserts of metal wheel shells or metal shafts, can ensure the wear resistance between them and bearings.


Reasonable insert shape ensures that the insert is tightly integrated with the plastic, because the shape and surface of the insert should be designed with appropriate traps to improve the insert and plastic joint fastness. For cylindrical or tube nested inserts, grooves, knurling and other shapes can be designed on their surfaces.

However, when processing the products with inserts, we should pay close attention to other variable factors such as fixing the inserts in the die and preventing the impact deformation of the melt.

The connection effect of granular pattern on cross-rolling of cylinder surface is better than that of straight pattern. Straight knurling is easy to loosen in the axis direction.

Grooving can be made on the surface of the cylinder, but the circumference is easy to loosen. The combination of circular groove and linear knurling has better effect.

Incision and punching for strip inserts, can punch the incision or hole to make a trap.

Flattening and bending can be locally flattened or bent for thin circular inserts. The hexagonal bar is cut into inserts. Because of the sharp angle effect and the smooth cylinder surface, the torsion and tension resistance are poor.

Connectors widely used in conductive electronic and electrical equipment now use plastic as insulating matrix, copper alloy and silver as conductive inserts, through which plastic parts are insulated from each other, and solder plugs and sockets. However, assembled inserts are often used in multi-row sockets or plugs. The copper sheet formed by bending is elastic and can be clamped in the groove holes of plastic parts.

Commonly used inserts are cylindrical, tube sleeve, plate, needle, angle and ring. Cylindrical inserts can be used as screw, pin and wiring column, tubular inserts can be used as nut holes, sleeves, plates and sheets can be used as conductive sheets, etc.


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Plating Plastic Parts, plastic tooling for mechanical plastic parts


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