Plastic parts, ABS plastic parts mold for Mechanical product

Plastic parts, ABS plastic parts mold for Mechanical product

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Plastic parts, ABS plastic parts mold for Mechanical product


Plastic parts, ABS plastic parts mold for Mechanical product

Structural design of reinforcing bars and other anti-deformation structures

In order to ensure the strength of products, the wall thickness of general products must reach a certain size, but when the wall thickness is very thick, many injection defects are easy to occur, such as warping deformation, long cooling time, large stress, shrinkage hole, shrinkage pit and so on. In order to reduce the thickness and improve the strength and rigidity of the parts, some reinforcing bars are properly set up. If the size and position of reinforcing ribs are set properly, the fluidity of plastic melt can be effectively improved, and forming defects such as bubbles, shrinkage pits and depressions can be avoided.

The position distribution of reinforcing ribs should be consistent with the direction of melt flow during injection moulding, so as to avoid the resistance caused by reinforcing ribs to melt flow, and the interference of flow direction may cause weld marks or change the weld position.

If there are many reinforcing bars in a product, attention should be paid to the distribution and size of reinforcing bars depending on the situation of the product, in order to prevent warpage of the product caused by uneven shrinkage. The distribution of reinforcing ribs should be balanced to prevent shrinkage or bubbles due to local concentration of melt movement.

For large-scale products, it is inappropriate to place the reinforcing ribs in the center of the large-scale plane. This has a great influence on the melt flow, and the position deviating from the center should be chosen. If the central part must be set up, the corresponding outer surface should be set up with edges to cover up the possible weld marks and pits.

In order to prevent warpage and deformation of products, the structure of products can be changed besides setting reinforcement bars. If the bottom of the container is designed as a spherical or arch surface, it not only improves the rigidity of the product, but also increases the aesthetic feeling.

For the edge of thin-walled container, the shape of the side wall of the product is changed to prevent the warping of the side wall. For rectangular thin-walled containers, soft plastic (such as polyethylene) is used to form the side wall, which is prone to concave deformation. If the side wall of the product is designed to be slightly convex in advance to make the wall exactly flat after deformation, it is ideal, but very difficult. Therefore, without affecting the use of the product, each side of the product can be designed as an outer convex arc, so that the deformation is not easy to see.

Supporting surface and convex platform

Design of Injection Molded Products for Supporting Surface

The purpose of the supporting surface is to maintain stability.

For injection moulding products with large area, slightly warping deformation will cause uneven bottom. Therefore, the support surface is designed to avoid full contact between the whole bottom and the plane. The convex bottom angle is usually chosen.

When there are reinforcing bars near the supporting surface of the product, the top of the reinforcing bars should be retracted more than 0.5mm from the supporting face.

When there is assembly convex on the product, the convex should have enough strength, and the shape mutation around the convex should be avoided because of the small size of the convex. When necessary, the reinforcement bar can also be used to strengthen the convex.

Boss design

The lugs or steps used for fastening should be strong enough to support the force during fastening, and the sudden transition of the lugs and the size of the lugs should be avoided. When necessary, the reinforcement bar can be used to strengthen the convex platform. The cylindrical convex platform on the wall of plastic parts is generally used to assemble and connect with other parts. It has to bear greater tightening force and is easy to crack. The rib not only strengthens the convex.



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Plastic parts, ABS plastic parts mold for Mechanical product


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