plastic shell for electronic product, plastic tooling service

plastic shell for electronic product, plastic tooling service

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plastic shell for electronic product, plastic tooling service


plastic shell for electronic product, plastic tooling service

Demoulding slope

The inner surface and outer surface of the injection product should be designed with a certain height of demoulding slope along the direction of demoulding. During cooling, the injection product will produce a certain amount of shrinkage, and the injection product will tightly enclose the punch (core) or other protruding parts in the cavity. With the movement of the plastic parts from the moulding die, the opening force and the demoulding force should be overcome. Opening means that the shape of the plastic part is removed from the cavity. Demoulding refers to the removal of the inner hole surface of a plastic part from the core of the die. There is a cooling and contraction process for the in-mold parts, and the hole wall of the moulded parts has a radial wrapping force on the core. At the demoulding temperature, the friction resistance of the plastic parts when they are pushed off from the core is very large. Vacuum suction exists in the demoulding of plastic parts with closed hole bottom. The demoulding force is much greater than the opening force. Excessive ejection force will cause deformation, whitening, wrinkling and surface abrasion of plastic parts. The demoulding slope is one of the factors that determine the demoulding force. The demoulding force is not only related to the properties of plastic materials, the geometrical shape and size of plastic parts, the surface properties of plastic parts and metal forming parts, but also to the pressure and temperature of injection process. Therefore, the demoulding slope should be determined on the basis of the analysis and estimation of the demoulding force in injection moulding.

Therefore, in order to demould smoothly or avoid surface damage of plastic products caused by excessive demoulding force, a certain demoulding slope should be set on the inner and outer surfaces of products parallel to the direction of demoulding.

The demoulding slope is related to the shape size and wall thickness of the parts. It is very likely that the small deviation of demoulding will result in the difficulty and severity of demoulding.

It may cause surface damage or surface rupture during demoulding. Usually the demoulding slope of products is 0.5 ~1.0.

Also closely related to the demoulding slope is the selected plastic material. Because of the inconsistent shrinkage between the materials, different demoulding slopes can be selected. Generally, the demoulding slope is closely related to the elastic modulus of the plastic material. Rigid plastic, shrinkage wrapping force.

Generally, the demoulding slope expands along the direction of demoulding and drawing motion. If the demoulding slope is negative, it is a destructive forced demoulding. The plastic parts should be inclined in the direction of overcoming the friction movement of demoulding.

In addition, in the process of determining the demoulding slope, three relationships should be considered.

When the dimensional accuracy of plastic parts must be guaranteed, the dimensional error caused by the demoulding slope must be limited to the tolerance of the dimensional accuracy.

In order to avoid or reduce the damage caused by excessive demoulding force, the larger demoulding slope should be considered for the plastic parts with larger shrinkage, complex shape and larger core enclosure area.

After opening the mould, in order to keep the plastic part on the core on the side of the moving die, it is possible to take a smaller demoulding slope on the inner surface of the plastic part.



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plastic shell for electronic product, plastic tooling service

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