Joystick parts, Plastic and metal assemblies, plastic mold for Mechanical parts

Joystick parts, Plastic and metal assemblies, plastic mold for Mechanical parts

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Joystick parts, Plastic and metal assemblies, plastic mold for Mechanical parts


Joystick parts, Plastic and metal assemblies, plastic mold for Mechanical parts

The relationship between plastic parts and injection moulds

In addition to the above precision, wall thickness, demoulding slope, reinforcing ribs and inserts, there are also some technical problems related to injection moulds, which must be carefully considered.

Parting surface

In injection moulds, the surface used to remove the condensate from the plastic parts or the pouring system is commonly called parting surface. Commonly, the main parting surface of the removing part is perpendicular to the opening direction. At the same time, the side parting surface which is in accordance with the direction of opening die is also adopted. The parting surfaces are mostly planar, but also inclined, curved or step surfaces. Not only the designer of injection moulds should select and determine the parting surface of plastic parts, but also the designer of plastic parts should predict the parting surface of plastic moulds to ensure the feasibility of injection moulding of plastic parts and to simplify the structure of moulds. When the parting surface is a simple plane, the cost of the die can be reduced. The parting surface should be able to reduce or remove the flying edge, and be conducive to the transmission of injection pressure and exhaust. The parting surface should be chosen at the maximum section of the plastic part, otherwise it is impossible to demould and process the cavity.

Side holes, side grooves and side bulges perpendicular to the main parting surface on the plastic parts will be formed by designing side parting or core pulling mechanism on the injection tool. Side sliders, inclined guide pillars and locking wedges are required. The structure of the die is complex, the cost is high, and the injection cycle is prolonged. Therefore, on the premise of meeting the requirements of plastic parts, side holes, grooves and bulges should be avoided as far as possible. The structure of the plastic parts can also be changed to simplify the die.


Strict requirements should be made for the transition of the product's outer outline and wall thickness. When it is at right angles, rounded corners are generally used for connection. The corners of the plastic parts, i.e. the turning points of the inner and outer surfaces, the roots of the reinforcing bars and other places should be designed into rounded corners.

Because of the stress concentration at the sharp corner of the product, the cracking will occur when the product is subjected to stress or shock vibration; even in the process of opening the die, the cracking will occur because of the stress concentration in the die. Generally, the strength of plastic parts can be increased by adding 0.5mm rounded corners.

The use of rounded corners in plastic parts not only reduces the stress concentration factor and improves the impact and fatigue resistance, but also improves the flow filling performance of plastic melt, reduces the flow resistance, reduces the local residual stress, prevents cracking and warping, and makes the shape of plastic parts smooth and beautiful. The cavity of the forming tool also has corresponding rounded corners, which improves the strength of the forming parts. It should also be noted that on the parting surface, on the moving surface of the ejector rod and push plate, and at the joint of the insert, there is usually no turning angle of rounded corners to prevent material leakage and flying edge.




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Joystick parts, Plastic and metal assemblies, plastic mold for Mechanical parts

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