Precision Plastic Mould, ABS PC plastic parts, plastic injection mold

Precision Plastic Mould, ABS PC plastic parts, plastic injection mold

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Precision Plastic Mould, ABS PC plastic parts, plastic injection mold


Precision Plastic Mould, ABS PC plastic parts, plastic injection mold

Some Problems in the Design and Manufacture of Injection Mold

Moulds are not just sand boxes used by humans to cast coins and inner grille housing. Today, it condenses all kinds of high-tech, which can directly shape, weld and assemble materials into parts, components or products quickly and precisely. Its efficiency, accuracy, streamline, ultra-miniaturization, energy saving, environmental protection, as well as product performance and appearance are unparalleled in traditional technology.

At present, no matter which industry such as electronics, biology, materials, automobiles, household appliances, it is impossible to be a pillar industry in the manufacturing industry without equipping the production line made up of computers, moulds and processing centers. Mould is an important equipment of modern manufacturing technology. Its level indicates the manufacturing level and production capacity of a country or enterprise. In the future, the key to product quality, batch cost and technological progress, including industrial renewal, of the five pillar industries in China is mould. Now the global total output value of die and mould has already exceeded the total output value of machine tools and tools of traditional machinery industry.

Modular Design of Dies

Shortening the design cycle and improving the design quality is one of the keys to shorten the whole die development cycle. Modular design is to make use of the similarity in structure and function of product components. A lot of practice shows that modular design can effectively reduce product design time and improve design quality.

Implementation of modular design of die and mould.

There are three steps in building module library: module partition, feature model construction and user-defined feature generation. Standard parts are special cases of modules and exist in module libraries. The definition of standard parts only needs the last two steps. Modular partitioning is the first step in modular design. The rationality of module partition directly affects the function, performance and cost of modular system. The module division of each kind of product must be carried out through technical investigation and repeated demonstration before the result of division can be obtained. For the die, functional modules and structural modules are mutually inclusive. Structural modules can have large structural changes in the local scope, so it can include functional modules; while the local structure of functional modules may be more fixed, so it can include structural modules. After the module design is completed, the feature model of the required module is constructed manually in the part/assembly space of Pro/E. Using the user-defined feature function of Pro/E, two variable parameters of the module are defined: variable size and assembly relationship, and user-defined features (UDFs) are formed. Generate user-defined feature files (files suffixed with gph) and store them by grouping technology, that is to say, complete the establishment of module library.

The module library management system is developed by two inferences, structure selection inference and module automatic modeling to realize module determination. The first inference obtains the general structure of the module, and the second inference finally determines all the parameters of the module. In this way, the module's "plasticity" goal can be achieved. In the structure selection reasoning, the system accepts the module name, function parameters and structure parameters input by users, and infers them, and obtains the name of the applicable module in the module library.

If the result is unsatisfactory, the user can specify the module name. The module obtained in this step is still uncertain. It lacks the definition of size parameters, accuracy, material characteristics and assembly relationship. In automatic modeling and reasoning, the system uses the input dimension parameters, precision characteristics, material characteristics and assembly relationship definitions to drive user-defined feature model, dynamically and automatically construct the module feature model and automatically assemble it. The automatic modeling function is developed by using C language and Pro/E secondary development tool Pro/TOOLKIT. Mould design can be completed quickly by calling module. The design cycle of the die is obviously shortened after the application of this system. Because the quality of the module is carefully considered in the design of the module, it plays a fundamental role in ensuring the quality of the die. The mo



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Precision Plastic Mould, ABS PC plastic parts, plastic injection mold


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