Card reader made of ABS plastic. electronic injection molding parts

Card reader made of ABS plastic. electronic injection molding parts

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Card reader made of ABS plastic. electronic injection molding parts


Card reader made of ABS plastic. electronic injection molding parts

Structure and Manufacture of Injection Mold

Material selection

Plastic injection (plastic) moulds are the most widely used moulds in the production of thermoplastic parts. The corresponding processing equipment of plastic injection moulds is the plastic injection moulds corresponding processing equipment. Plastics are first melted in the heating barrel at the bottom of the injection machine, and then driven by the screw or plunger of the injection machine, through the injector nozzle and the mould. The pouring system enters the mould cavity, the plastic is cooled and hardened, and the products are obtained by demoulding. Its structure is usually composed of forming parts, pouring system, guiding parts, pushing mechanism, exhaust system of temperature control system, supporting parts and so on.

Although there are many kinds of injection moulds, the structure of the moulds varies with different plastic parts, that is, the moulds with different structures can be used to shape the same plastic parts. The difference of die structure will make the cost, cycle, quality, efficiency and material utilization of the die different. Therefore, the designer of the die should choose the best design scheme from them to obtain the best results and benefits.

Plastic die steel module is usually used for manufacturing materials. The common materials are carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed steel and so on. Injection moulding process is usually only suitable for the production of thermoplastic products. Plastic products produced by injection moulding process are very extensive. From daily necessities to all kinds of complicated machinery, electrical appliances and transportation parts are all moulded by injection moulds. It is the most widely used processing method in the production of plastic products.

Therefore, the material for manufacturing die parts directly affects its service life, processing cost and product quality. Therefore, the selection of materials should be based on the working conditions of the die, and be considered comprehensively from both technical and economic aspects.

Working Principle and Composition of Injection Mold

The structure of injection moulds is related to many factors, such as the variety of plastics, the structural shape of products, dimensional accuracy, batch production, injection process conditions and types of injection machines. Therefore, the structure of injection moulds can be varied and varied. By summarizing the structure of various injection moulds, it is found that the structural differences do not change the common points and general rules of working principle and basic structure composition. Simple single parting die (also known as two-plate die).

Any die is made up of a movable part and a fixed part. The fixing part is fixed on the fixed template (fixed template) of the injection surface, which remains stationary throughout the injection moulding process, while the moving part is fixed on the moving template (moving template) of the injection surface. During the injection processing, it can move with the clamping system of the injection machine. The general processing process is that the closing system of the injection machine moves the moving die, closes it with the fixed die, and forms the gating system of the die. At the same time, the cavity is locked under the clamping force of the clamping system. At this time, the injection system of the injection machine aligns the nozzle with the gate of the mould. The high temperature melted plastic is poured into the gate with a higher injection pressure. The melt enters the cavity quickly along the pouring system of the injection mould. When the melt is fixed by holding pressure, feeding and cooling in the die cavity, the closing system starts to open the die, which drives the die part and the fixed part to separate from the parting surface. When the moving die is in place, the ejection part of the moving template is activated to eject the parts, and the products are ejected from the punch of the die. This single stroke completed the injection molding.


Plastic Injection Mold Show

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Plastic Part Show

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Factory Show

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Card reader made of ABS plastic. electronic injection molding parts

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