electronic plastic part mold for card reader, ABS plastic parts

electronic plastic part mold for card reader, ABS plastic parts

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electronic plastic part mold for card reader, ABS plastic parts


electronic plastic part mold for card reader, ABS plastic parts

Classification of Injection Molding Moulds

There are many methods to classify injection moulds. According to the type of injection machine used, there are vertical injection moulds, horizontal injection moulds and right angle injection moulds. According to the structural characteristics of injection moulds, there are single cavity injection moulds, multi-cavity injection moulds, adiabatic runner injection moulds, hot runner injection moulds, thermosetting plastic injection moulds, low foam injection moulds and precision injection moulds.

Classification by type of injection machine used

Vertical injection mould. Vertical injection moulding machine is characterized by small injection volume, so this kind of moulds are small moulds. This kind of moulds have obvious advantages when making products with inserts.

Horizontal injection mould. The mould is suitable for horizontal injection moulding machine. This kind of mould is quite common and used in a large amount. (3) Right angle injection moulds. The biggest difference between the right-angle injection mould and the vertical and horizontal mould lies in the direction and direction of the plastic melt entering. The right-angle injection mould is only suitable for the right-angle injection machine.

Classification by structural characteristics

Injection moulding machine is one of the reasons that affect the structure of injection moulds. In addition, the structural characteristics of plastic parts are the biggest reason that determines the injection moulds. Here are several types of moulds classified according to the structural characteristics of moulds.

Single parting surface injection mould. This kind of die is also called standard die and two-plate die. Injection moulds consisting of plastic parts and pouring system whose condensate is separately taken out from the same parting surface are called single parting surface injection moulds or two-plate injection moulds.

An injection mould with a parting surface in the injection mold is called a single parting surface injection mold. After opening the mold, the product stagnates along with the condensate of the gate and the runner on the side of the dynamic mold, and then relies on the ejection mechanism to take out the product. The injection mould with single parting surface for horizontal and vertical injection machines has a main channel at the fixed die edge and a shunt channel at the parting surface. After opening the mould, the plastic parts, together with the condensate of the runner, remain at the moving die edge and are pushed out of the mould by the pushing device located at the moving die edge. Injection moulds with single parting surfaces are very common.

Injection Mold with Double Parting Surface. In addition to a parting surface between the movable part and the fixed part, an auxiliary parting surface of the movable part is also set up in the whole die. Generally, this kind of mould takes out the condensate of the product and the runner from the two parting surfaces, also known as the three-plate injection mould. Compared with single parting die, only one moving middle plate (also called gate p



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electronic plastic part mold for card reader, ABS plastic parts

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