Over molding card reader plastic part mold and injection molding

Over molding card reader plastic part mold and injection molding

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Over molding card reader plastic part mold and injection molding


Over molding card reader plastic part mold and injection molding

Injection Mold with Movable Parts

For this kind of plastic parts, the structure requirement is complex, but in order not to increase the processing cost of the mould, the parts with convex or groove on the part or inside or outside surface can be set movable threaded core or side core or Huff block. When opening the mould, these parts can not simply be separated from the plastic parts along the direction of opening the mould, but must be moved out of the mould together with the plastic parts. After that, it is separated from the plastic parts by hand. When these movable inserts are installed on the mould, reliable positioning devices must be set up.

Injection Mold of Condensate without Runner System

This kind of mold is also called runnerless injection mold. In general plastic injection moulds, the pouring system may be the thickest and largest part of the moulding, which means that the rate of setting and curing is restricted by the pouring system, and after moulding, the condensate of the pouring system must be recycled, processed into granules or wasted. In order to avoid these problems and reduce waste (including time, energy, materials, etc.), if the mold casting system can not be finalized and solidified in the production process, especially for thermoplastics, it is to keep the melt in the casting system. In this way, the above purpose can be achieved, not only in each forming cycle without runner condensate, but also can shorten the forming cycle, improve efficiency and efficiency. Therefore, this kind of mold is also known as the runnerless condensate injection mold. According to the structure and principle, this kind of mould can be divided into the following kinds.

Injection Mold for Adiabatic Runner. By enlarging the diameter of the runner and slightly changing the operation, the ordinary three-plate mould can be transformed into a mould without runner condensate in the forming process. Compared with the conventional three-plate mold, the diameter of the runner may increase by 3-4 times, reaching more than 19 mm, and the intermediate floating plate is connected with the fixed template in the forming process.

The adiabatic runner can be divided into two types: totally adiabatic and semi-adiabatic.

Fully adiabatic runner injection mould. For totally adiabatic runner, when injection begins, there is no plastic in the pouring system, and the melt normally passes through the runner and enters the mould cavity. The plastic contacted with the surface of the runner is rapidly cooled and solidified, forming an insulating film. Because of the good thermal insulation performance of the plastic, the heat of the central part is not easy to diffuse out and keeps a higher temperature. If the diameter of the runner is much larger than the wall thickness of the plastic part and the forming speed is faster, the material in the central part of the runner may remain in a high temperature melting state before the next moulding starts. Therefore, the next injection filling process can be continued without taking out the plastic of the pouring system.

Injection Mold with Semi-adiabatic Runner. Its structural characteristics are similar to that of adiabatic heat channel, but different from that of heating the runner or nozzle to prevent the gate from solidification. As can be seen from the figure, a heating rod is installed around the gate bushing, which can better prevent the freezing of the gate. Sometimes the diameter of the shunt can be increased by inserting an electric heating rod into the shunt. In order to reduce the heat loss of the shunt, more air insulation clearance should be set on the die to reduce the contact heat transfer. For the same purpose, annular voids are also arranged around the sleeve.



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Over molding card reader plastic part mold and injection molding


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