Card Reader ABS Plastic shell, electronic product plastic mold

Card Reader ABS Plastic shell,  electronic product plastic mold

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Card Reader ABS Plastic shell,  electronic product plastic mold


Card Reader ABS Plastic shell,  electronic product plastic mold

Hot runner injection mould. The whole gating system of the mould is heated by a heater and kept at a relatively constant temperature. Generally, there is a hot runner plate, and the temperature can be accurately controlled. The heated part of the die is insulated or insulated with other parts to prevent heat loss in the hot runner and heat transfer to the cavity and core. Although this kind of hot runner die has many advantages, compared with the common gating system die, the structure of the die is relatively complex, the cost of temperature control is relatively expensive, the installation and operation is difficult, and the color and material replacement is difficult. Although advanced computer-controlled temperature technology has been adopted, it is still much more difficult to design, process and use the hot runner die in general than the ordinary gating system.

Warm runner injection mould. Thermosetting plastics can not be regenerated after crosslinking and curing, so its runnerless condensate injection mould has greater practical value. The process device of thermosetting plastic injection moulding based on the principle of hot runner is called warm runner injection moulding. Temperature runner heat source comes from hot water or hot oil circulation temperature control system, the temperature is usually maintained at 90 ~ 110 C.

Single cavity temperature runner injection mould. There are basically two types of structure, the extended nozzle and the spacer nozzle. Extended nozzle is a form of special warm runner nozzle instead of injector nozzle, which extends to injection mould. It is called extended warm runner nozzle.

Multi-cavity warm runner injection moulds. The cavity part is in the high temperature zone, and the temperature is mostly 145 ~ 180 C. After the melt is injected into the mould cavity, it is crosslinked and solidified under the condition of heat and pressure. The insulation between the low temperature zone and the runner is the key to precise temperature control. Round section should be adopted in the channel of the gating system. The diameter of the cavity and the surface of the runner should be chromium plated. The diameter of nozzle is not less than 4 mm, and it has a cone angle of 30-1 degree. The exhaust groove should be set on the parting surface. There is a parting surface on the runner plate and an opening and closing button. Injection Mold with Ejection and Demoulding Mechanism in Fixing Die

In general injection moulds, ejection and demoulding are designed on the side of moving moulds, but due to the structural characteristics of some products, the products have to be left on the side of fixed moulds. In this case, ejection and demoulding mechanism should also be set on the side of fixed moulds. The injection mold with push function on one side of the fixed mold is called the injection mold with push function on the other side of the fixed mold. Generally, this kind of mechanism has spring ejection mechanism or side pull rod type.



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Card Reader ABS Plastic shell,  electronic product plastic mold

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