Plastic mold injection molding plastic part for electronic

Plastic mold injection molding plastic part for electronic

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Plastic mold injection molding plastic part for electronic


Plastic mold injection molding plastic part for electronic

Common Materials and Standards for Plastic Moulds

Over the past 50 years, the world plastic industry has developed rapidly, and the output value of plastic moulds in many developed countries has ranked first in the total output value of moulds. According to statistics, the steel used for plastic moulds in China has accounted for more than 1/2 of all the steel used for moulds. In the past, plastics moulds were made of normalized 45 steel or 40Cr steel after quenching and tempering treatment. As a result, the hardness of the moulds was low, the wear resistance and surface roughness were poor, the appearance quality of the processed plastics products was poor, and the service life of the moulds was low. The precise plastic moulds and the plastic moulds with high hardness were made of alloy steels such as CrWMn and CrL2MoV, which not only had poor machinability, but also were difficult to process complex moulds Cavity, more difficult to solve some complex die heat treatment deformation problem. Up to now, some key parts of plastic die materials are often dependent on imported special plastic die steel. In view of this, special plastic die steel has been developed in China, and some progress has been made. Our country has its own special plastic die steel series. At present, there are two kinds of special plastic die steel, namely 3Cr2Mo and 3Cr2 MnNIMo, which have been included in the national standard. More than 20 kinds of special plastic die steel have been included in the industry standard. More than 10 new types of plastic die steel have been popularized and applied in production, and preliminary materials of plastic die steel in China have been formed. Material system.

There are roughly 50 kinds of steel for plastic mould. According to their own production conditions and working environment, engineers and technicians of mould design and manufacture can select economical, reasonable and technologically advanced plastic mould materials according to the basic properties and related factors of mould materials.

The steel grades and chemical compositions in YB standard flat steel (YB/T 094-1997) and hot rolled thick steel plate (YB/T 107-1997), the delivery hardness and quenching hardness of steel for plastic mould, the mechanical properties of flat steel for mould with special requirements, and the delivery hardness and mechanical properties of hot rolled thick steel plate for plastic mould can be referred to the relevant standards and information.

Carbon structural steel has low price and good cutting performance, but its strength is poor when its carbon content is low, while its hardenability is poor when its carbon content is high, heat treatment deformation is large, and its polishing performance is not good. Commonly used carbon structural steels are 15 steel, 20 steel, 40 steel, 45 steel, 50 steel, etc. Among them, 15 steel and 20 steel can be carburized and quenched to produce guide pillars, guide bushes and other wear-resistant parts; 45 steel is widely used in various die parts including injection mold parts.

The service performance of alloy structural steel is better than that of carbon structural steel, and both of them have similar uses. Alloy structural steels commonly used in manufacturing moulds include 40Cr, 20CrMoTi, 12CrMo, 38CrMoAlA, etc. Among them, 38CrMoala has excellent nitriding performance, high hardness and good wear resistance after nitriding, which can effectively prevent hot biting of parts moving in the cavity at high temperature, and can be used in the cavity, core, movable core and movable forming insert of injection moulds.



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Plastic mold injection molding plastic part for electronic


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