Customized plastic mold production injection mould part

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Customized plastic mold production injection mould part


Customized plastic mold production injection mould part

Carburized plastic die steel is mainly used for Cold Extrusion Moulds with complex cavity. The carbon content of this kind of steel is low, the element Cr is often added, and the appropriate amount of Ni, Mo and V is added at the same time. The purpose is to improve hardenability and carburizing ability. In order to facilitate cold extrusion forming, this kind of steel must have high plasticity and low deformation resistance in annealing state, and its annealing hardness is less than 100HBS. After cold extrusion, the surface hardness can reach 58 ~ 62HRC by carburizing and quenching tempering. This kind of steel has special steel grades abroad, such as 8416 in Sweden, P2 and P4 in the United States, etc. 12CrNi3A and 12Cr2Ni4A steels and 20Cr2Ni4A steels are commonly used in China. They have good wear resistance, no collapse and surface peeling, and the service life of the die is improved. The elements Cr, Ni, Mo and V in steel increase the hardness and wear resistance of the carburized layer and the strength and toughness of the core.

Pre-hardened plastic die steel

The carbon content of this kind of steel ranges from 0.3% to 0.55%. The commonly used alloying elements are Cr, Ni, Mn, V, etc. In order to improve its machinability, several typical plastic die steels Y55 CrNiMn-MOVs (SMI) were developed by adding S, Ca and other elements in recent years. They are S-series free-cutting plastic die steels developed in our country. Their characteristics are Pre-hardening delivery hardness of 35-40HRC, good machinability, no heat treatment after processing, and can be directly used. The free-cutting phase MnS is formed by adding Ni, Mn and S, and the hardenability of steel is increased by adding Cr, Mo and V. 8Cr2s steel belongs to the steel for free cutting precision die.

Generally, the above-mentioned die steels are supplied to the market with modules with hardness of 35-40HRC after forging and special heat treatment in steel mills. Users can directly process the modules into die parts without heat treatment, thus avoiding the possible deformation of die parts during heat treatment process, so as to ensure that they have higher shape and size accuracy. Although pre-hardened steel has certain hardness, it still maintains good cutting performance, and has good mirror polishing and engraving performance. It is especially suitable for manufacturing various parts with hardness less than 40HRC in thermoplastic injection moulds with large batches of products, and allows them to have complex geometry shape and high dimensional accuracy. Some foreign pre-hardened steels can also be used. Mold for reinforcing plastics and thermosetting plastics. Domestic 5NSCa, Japanese SCM 445 (improvement), S55 (improvement) and American modified H13 are all pre-hardened steels.

Although new quenched and tempered steel pre-hardened steels have many advantages, when they are used as injection moulds (or pressing moulds) of moulded reinforced plastics or thermosetting plastics, they show poor wear resistance due to their low hardness. For this reason, some new quenching and tempering steels have been developed abroad. In addition to cutting performance, mirror polishing performance, surface engraving performance, hardness, toughness and wear resistance, these steels are superior to ordinary medium and carbon-enameled structural steels and tool steels. More importantly, their heat treatment deformation is very small. Therefore, they can be used not only for strengthening plastic and thermosetting plastic moulds, but also for precision. Molded parts in injection moulds. Its representative varieties are HPM31 of Hitachi Metal Company, PD613 of Datong Company, H13+S and P20+S, etc.



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Customized plastic mold production injection mould part


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