Mechanical injection mould, assembling OEM service and CNC

Mechanical injection mould, assembling OEM service and CNC

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Mechanical injection mould, assembling OEM service and CNC


Mechanical injection mould, assembling OEM service and CNC

In recent years, aging hardening plastic die steels have developed maraging steels with low cobalt, cobalt-free and nickel content, similar to hot-working die steels, which have better properties and longer service life than ordinary hot-working die steels. The supply state of maraging steel is solid solution, and its hardness is about 28 ~ 32HRC. It has good cutting performance. After processing, the hardness is about 40HRC after artificial ageing at (480-520) (?) C for 3 hours. Generally speaking, its aging deformation is less than or equal to 10.05%, and its thermal expansion coefficient is relatively small, so it can be used to manufacture precision plastic moulds.

In addition. Maraging steel also has high strength and toughness, good wear resistance and excellent mirror polishing performance. It can also be used to manufacture moulds for mass production of thermoplastics, thermosetting and reinforcing plastics, or for manufacturing moulds for optical plastics products. Domestic 18Ni (250), 18Ni (300), 18Ni (350), MASC from Japan, YAG and 18N AR300 from the United States are all maraging steels.

Precipitation hardening steel

Precipitated hardening steel belongs to ageing hardening steel, but its alloying element content is less than maraging steel, and its price is relatively cheap. It is mainly suitable for the mould of thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic products produced in small and medium-sized, precise, complex and mass production, or for the mould of optical plastic products. Precipitated hardening steel is also supplied as solid solution with a hardness of about 30HRC. After processing, the hardness of 40 ~ 48HRC can be obtained by artificial aging at (500 ~ 550) x (6 ~ 10) H. Domestic PMS and Japan's NSM, N5M belong to precipitation hardening steel. Also, MASI is a typical maraging steel. After solution treatment at 815 ~C, the hardness is 28~32 HRC for mechanical processing. Aging at 480 ~C, Ni3Mo, Ni3Ti and other intermetallic compounds are precipitated during aging, which makes the hardness reach 48~52 HRC. Steel has high strength and toughness, small size change during aging and good weldability, but the price of steel is expensive and it is not popular in China.

Corrosion Resistant Plastic Die Steel

Plastic products made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and ABS with fire-resistant resin are decomposed to produce corrosive gases during the forming process, which will corrode the mould. Therefore, plastic die steel is required to have good corrosion resistance. There are two kinds of corrosion resistant plastic mould steels commonly used abroad: martensitic stainless steel and precipitation hardening stainless steel. There are STVAX (4Cr13) and ASAB~8407 of Swedish ASSAB Company abroad.

In addition, some common stainless steels have been improved at home and abroad, and some new corrosion-resistant steels have been introduced, such as domestic PCR, Japan Datong NAK101, etc. These new corrosion-resistant steels have high corrosion resistance and high strength. The cutting, polishing and heat treatment properties of these new corrosion-resistant steels are much better than those of ordinary stainless steels. They can be used to manufacture die parts with higher corrosion resistance requirements.



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Mechanical injection mould, assembling OEM service and CNC


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