Electronic plastic parts tooling, injection mould die tool

Electronic plastic parts tooling, injection mould die tool

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Electronic plastic parts tooling, injection mould die tool


Electronic plastic parts tooling, injection mould die tool

The forming methods of other moulding materials plastic products are various, and the moulding materials used in various processing methods are also very different. Usually, 45 steel, 50 steel, 55 steel and other high-quality carbon structural steel or carbon tool steel are used in pressing, extrusion and injection moulds. However, in recent years, zinc alloys and beryllium-copper alloys have also been used. Because of its low forming pressure, blow moulding and vacuum moulding can use gypsum, wood, cast iron, aluminum alloy, brass, zinc alloy, epoxy resin, low melting point alloy as moulding materials.

Cast aluminium alloy. The aluminium alloy used to make castings is called cast aluminium alloy. Casting aluminium alloys require good casting properties to ensure a clear outline of the castings.

According to the different main alloying elements, cast aluminium alloys can be divided into four categories: Al-Si, Al-Cu, AH-Mg and Al-Zn, and the most commonly used is AS alloys. Experiments show that with the increase of eutectic number in Al-Si alloys (100% eutectic when the content of Si equals 11.7%), not only the casting properties of the alloys become better and better, but also the physical and mechanical properties of the alloys become better and better. Therefore, Al-Si based alloys are the most important casting aluminum alloys.

AlSi Cast Aluminum Alloy (Silicon Aluminum Mine)

A. Simple aluminosilicate. Contains 10%~13% Si and no other alloying elements. Almost all eutectic structures are obtained after casting, so besides its excellent casting properties, the alloy also has the advantages of good welding performance, low density, corrosion resistance and heat resistance. The disadvantage of this alloy is that its density is small and its strength is not high enough to be hardened by quenching and aging, so it is only suitable for casting with complex shape but low strength requirement. The typical grade of simple aluminium silicate is ZL102, and the strength is 143-153MPab. Special aluminium silicate. Other alloying elements besides Si are called special aluminosilicate. The main purpose of reducing Si content and adding other alloying elements such as Cu and Mg is to improve the strength of Al-Si alloy by solution aging strengthening. For example, ZL101 contains more Si (6%-8% Si), but a little Mg, so besides modification, it can also be quenched and aged manually, so the strength of this alloy can reach 192-222 MPa. In ZL10 7, the content of Si is 6.5%~7.5%. After quenching and natural aging, the strength limit of the alloy can be increased to 241~27MPa, which can be used for parts with high strength and hardness requirements. The disadvantage of ZL107 is its low corrosion resistance.

Al-Si-Cu-Mg cast aluminium alloys can be obtained by adding both Cu and Mg into Al-Si alloys. ZL110, ZL105, ZL108, ZL109 and other alloys in special Al-Si alloys belong to this category. The combination of these elements makes the alloy obtain high strength and hardness after quenching and aging. This kind of alloy is widely used in manufacturing parts with complex shape, high performance requirements and working at higher temperatures and heavy-duty castings. Among them, ZL108 and ZL109 are the commonly used materials of cast aluminium piston in China. ZL109 also contains a small amount of nickel, so it has higher strength at high temperature and can produce pistons with larger load. The common characteristics of pistons manufactured with them are: small mass, good corrosion resistance, small linear expansion coefficient, high strength and hardness, better wear resistance, heat resistance and casting performance.



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Electronic plastic parts tooling, injection mould die tool


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