CNC Machining OEM service printing plastic injection tooling

CNC Machining OEM service printing plastic injection tooling

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CNC Machining OEM service printing plastic injection tooling


CNC Machining OEM service printing plastic injection tooling

Al-Cu cast aluminium alloy. High density, corrosion resistance and casting properties are not as good as high quality aluminosilicate, good heat resistance. The commonly used brand of this kind of alloy is ZL201. It has good strength and plasticity at room temperature. It can be used to make parts working below 300 C, such as cylinder head and piston of internal combustion engine.

30Al-Mg cast aluminium alloy. ZL301 and ZL302 are two kinds of alloys belonging to this category, of which ZL301 is the most widely used. The advantages of these alloys are: low density (2.55g/cm3), lighter than aluminium, better corrosion resistance and physical and mechanical properties.(

_ = 280 MPa and delta = 9%. The disadvantage is that the casting performance is inferior to that of Al-Si alloys, and the casting process is complex. This kind of alloy is often used to manufacture castings which are not complicated in shape and bear impact load.

Al-Zn cast aluminium alloy. The commonly used brand is ZL401. Its main chemical composition is: 9%~13% Zn, 5%~7% Si. This kind of alloy has good casting performance and is easy to fill the casting mould. Castings have high strength and are economical because zinc is cheap. Its disadvantages are poor corrosion resistance, high tendency of hot cracking and need modification and pressure casting. ZL401 is often used to make engine parts of automobiles and tractors.

Zinc-based alloys

There are many kinds of die manufacturing methods, such as casting, cutting, EDM, WEDM, superplastic isothermal extrusion, cold extrusion and so on. Zinc alloys are also divided into cast zinc alloys and superplastic zinc-based alloys. The former uses casting method to make die, and the latter uses superplastic isothermal extrusion to process die cavity.

Zinc alloy for casting die. Zinc alloy is a simple and inexpensive material. It is suitable for making small batch moulds. Many kinds of moulds can be manufactured by casting method, which can double the cost and shorten the manufacturing cycle of moulds (sometimes up to ten times).

Characteristics of zinc alloy die.

The melting temperature is low (380 C), the equipment used is simple, and the technical requirement of low zinc alloy is similar to soft steel, so it is suitable for small-scale punching die for small batch production. When used in drawing die, scratches can be avoided because of its self-lubrication and heat resistance, and the degree of deep drawing deformation can also be improved. The corresponding concave and punch can be directly cast from the machined convex and concave dies, and the corresponding concave and punch can be straightened on the plastic die. The cooling water system is connected, so the heat transfer is better; the cutting machinability is better than that of aluminium alloy; the die can be welded, surfaced and repaired by hydrogen arc welding; the old die can be re-melted and used repeatedly, so the cost of die material is low.

Zinc alloys in the United States known as "Kak Zinc Alloy", in the United Kingdom known as KAYAM, the German brand Z430 old market now sells goods named ZAS and MAK3.


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CNC Machining OEM service printing plastic injection tooling


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