Injection molding part injection mold, precision tooling

Injection molding part injection mold, precision tooling

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Injection molding part injection mold, precision tooling


Injection molding part injection mold, precision tooling


Fillers can reduce costs, reduce the amount of epoxy resin, reduce linear expansion coefficient and shrinkage, increase thermal conductivity and improve mechanical strength. Commonly used fillers are aluminium powder, alumina, quartz powder, silicon carbide, steel wool, glass fiber and so on.


Hardener promotes the curing reaction of epoxy resin. Commonly used hardeners are ethylenediamine, m-phenylenediamine, maleic anhydride, phthalic anhydride and so on.


The main function of the sealing agent is to prevent the epoxy resin liquid from infiltrating into the micropore of the gypsum mould during the pouring process. The sealing agent applied on the gypsum mould (transition mould) is polyvinyl alcohol. Polyvinyl alcohol is a white odorless powder that can be dissolved in water.

Demoulding agent.

The commonly used release agents are silicone oil and molybdenum disulfide. Silicone oil is a kind of silicon-containing synthetic material, commonly referred to as dimethyl silicone oil, is a colorless transparent oil. Molybdenum disulfide is a blue-gray solid powder with metallic luster and strong corrosion resistance to acid. The finer the particle size of molybdenum disulfide used as demoulding agent, the better.

Low melting point alloys.

Using low melting point alloy to cast the cavity of blow moulds can not only shorten the manufacturing cycle of moulds and save a lot of steel, but also save labor. It is very suitable for trial-manufacture of new products. There are many kinds of low melting point alloys. At present, Bi-Sn alloy with 58% Bi and 42% Sn is the simpler one.

The melting and casting processes are as follows:

The mixed tin-pound alloy is placed in the melting pot, then heated to about 140 C (thermocouple or common thermometer can be used for temperature measurement). After melting uniformly, the casting can be cast, and then cooled for about half an hour, the remnants left by casting can be finally corrected to meet the requirements.

The mould temperature of low melting point alloy should not be too high, and the plastic parts with too high mould temperature are easy to adhere to the cavity. When the bending of the core in the injection part is bigger than that of the steel core (the plastic part with bigger bending can't be pulled out if the core is made of common steel), the low melting point alloy can be used to make the core. The manufacturing procedure is as follows: mix the alloy elements in proportion, pour them into the melting vessel to heat and melt, then test the temperature (using the ordinary thermometer) and cast the alloy core (the mould for casting the alloy core). It is heated to about 60 C. After setting, the core of the alloy is taken out.

The core of the low pressure casting can be injected by placing it in the injection mould. After injection moulding, the plastic parts are taken out together with the core, and then the alloy core in the plastic parts is melted and flowed out by steam heating (or other heating methods), so that the plastic parts can be obtained.




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Injection molding part injection mold, precision tooling


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