Injection molding production plastic parts, precision mold

Injection molding production plastic parts, precision mold

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Injection molding production plastic parts, precision mold


Injection molding production plastic parts, precision mold

The quality of injection products largely depends on the design of the mould, and the design of the gating system is an important part of the design of the mould. The pouring system refers to the flow passage of the plastic melt from the injector nozzle to the entrance of the cavity in the mould. Its function can make the plastic melt from the injector nozzle fill, compact and maintain the pressure smoothly and smoothly. The quality of gating system design has a great influence on product performance, appearance and forming difficulty. Therefore, it is of great value to fully understand the impact of gating system design on product quality and to optimize the design of gating system. A good pouring system can not only ensure that injection products with clear appearance and good internal quality can be obtained, but also improve the production efficiency of the mould according to the optimized design, reduce the waste of unnecessary materials and resources, and reduce the workload and labor intensity of operation technicians, thereby fundamentally reducing production costs and improving production efficiency.

When using special CAE software to design the gating system, it is carried out by the designer in the form of man-machine dialogue. Therefore, only on the premise that the designer has certain theoretical knowledge and abundant practical experience of the gating system, can we make good use of all kinds of design software and give full play to its due benefits. That is to say, in the design of gating system, whether manual or computer aided design, we must have a deep understanding and understanding of the gating system. Therefore, the design of gating system is one of the most important problems in the design of injection mould.

Design of gating system

The design objective of the gating system is to form a good filling mode, reduce or avoid gas entrainment, reduce kinetic energy and heat loss, and produce die castings with qualified quality. Due to the structural differences of the die castings, there are many technological factors, and there are no precise design rules or calculation formulas for the gating system. Experience is the most important factor in this design, because the role of the gating system is to smoothly fill the plastic melt. Full to the depth of the die cavity, in order to obtain a clear outline, internal quality of plastic parts. Therefore, rapid and orderly filling process, low pressure loss, less heat dissipation, good exhaust conditions are required, and the pouring system condensate is easy to be separated or removed from the product.

Composition and function of gating system

Composition of gating system

The pouring system refers to the passage through which the plastic melt flows in the mould after it comes out of the nozzle of the injection machine and before it reaches the cavity of the product, so it is also an important part of the injection mould.




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Injection molding production plastic parts, precision mold


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