High quality tooling, precision plastic mould, ABS PP TPU

High quality tooling, precision plastic mould, ABS PP TPU

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High quality tooling, precision plastic mould, ABS PP TPU


High quality tooling, precision plastic mould, ABS PP TPU

Generally, the gating system of multi-cavity mould consists of main channel, shunt channel, gate and cold material well. For a single cavity die, sometimes shunts and cooling wells can be omitted. Simply, there is only one conical main channel directly connected with the plastic parts, which is also called downstream gate.

The form of common main channel is generally composed of main channel, shunt channel, gate and cold material hole.

Main Street

The material flow passage from the contact point between the injection nozzle and the die to the shunt passage is responsible for introducing the plastic melt from the nozzle into the die.


The material flow channel between the main channel and the gate is the transitional section of the plastic melt flowing into the die cavity from the main channel. It also plays the role of distributing the melt to each die cavity in the multi-cavity die.


Connecting the shunt channel and the die cavity, the middle section of the channel is very small and short in length. Its main functions are as follows.

Smaller cross-section can promote the shear and friction of plastic melt flowing from then on. It can give acceleration and shear heat to plastic melt flowing through the shunt channel, which is resisted by the shunt channel and reduces the pressure and temperature, so that the melt has faster flow speed and better fluidity during filling.

In the cooling stage of moulding, because of the small cross-section area and short length of gate, it can quickly condense and prevent backflow caused by insufficient holding pressure.

Gate section and length are small, so after cooling, it is easy to modify, easy to separate from products, and easy to separate from material (runner formation).

Cold Cave

The cold material is usually located at the end of the main channel. When the diversion channel is long, the cold material hole can also be opened at the end of the diversion channel. The cold charge hole mainly collects the cold charge head at the front of the flowing melt during each injection moulding to avoid the cold charge entering the mould cavity, affecting the quality of the product, or preventing the cold charge head from blocking the gate and causing injection failure.

Role of gating system

The function of the gating system is as follows:

The plastic melt is introduced into the cavity from the nozzle of the injection machine.

Transfer the injection pressure and holding pressure of the injection machine on the melt.

The injection speed applied to the plastic melt by the injection machine is transmitted.

Rapid condensation, cut off the pressure difference between the cavity and the injection machine. Therefore, if the gating system design of injection moulds is reasonable, molten plastics can be filled smoothly. On the contrary, if the gating system design is unreasonable, defects such as unsatisfactory filling of moulds, appearance defects and poor dimensional accuracy are likely to occur.



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High quality tooling, precision plastic mould, ABS PP TPU


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