Electronic parts tooling, prototype manufacture, CNC machine

Electronic parts tooling, prototype manufacture, CNC machine

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Electronic parts tooling, prototype manufacture, CNC machine


Electronic parts tooling, prototype manufacture, CNC machine

Design Principles of Gating System

The color design of general gating system is based on the following principles:

The pouring system and the plastic parts should be equipped with balanced distribution of pressure drop, flow rate and temperature on the parting surface.

Shorten the process as far as possible to reduce pressure loss and shorten filling time.

Turbulence, eddy current, jet and serpentine flow should be avoided when choosing gate location, which is beneficial to exhaust and feed.

Avoid the impact of high pressure melt on core and insert, prevent deformation and displacement; (5) the pouring system is easy to separate from plastic parts, easy to cut and repair, and the appearance is not damaged;

The position of fusion joint should be reasonably arranged, and if necessary, it should be equipped with cooling well or overflow trough.

Minimize the amount of material used in the gating system.

The gating system should achieve the required accuracy and roughness, and the gate should have the accuracy of IT8 or above.

Balance and resistance of the gating system
Pouring system balance
When using a multi-cavity injection mold for production, if the plastic melt flowing through the casting system to each cavity can be simultaneously, at the same pressure, the same temperature, that is, the gating system is very uniform in the melt flow, the gating system is called To balance the system. Obviously, in the case of the same mold multi-cavity production of the same product, in order to achieve the balance of the casting system, the following conditions must be met:
The cross-sectional shape, cross-sectional size and length of the runners leading to the cavities must be equal;
The cross-sectional shape, cross-sectional area and length of the gates leading to the cavities must be equal. If this condition is not met then the flow rate of the melt to each cavity can be equalized by adjusting the cross-sectional area of ​​the gate.
The balance of the gating system is directly related to the arrangement of the cavity and the shunt. If the flow of the plastic melt in the casting system is required to be as short as possible, the cavities and the runners are preferably arranged in a straight line. At this time, if the cross-sectional area and shape of each segment of the flow channel are equal, the time for the melt to reach the cavity farthest from the flow channel is about 10 times that of the cavity closest to the main channel. However, during the casting process, when the melt reaches the nearest cavity, due to the resistance of the small section of the gate, the melt first flows to the cavity which is the farthest distance, when the melt pressure of the distributor reaches a certain value. Filling the mold. Since a small portion of the cavity near the main flow channel flows in and cools, there is resistance at this time, so the cavity that is first filled is still the cavity farthest from the main flow channel. If the time difference of filling each cavity is to be shortened, the bifurcated cloth row can be shortened by about 3 times, but the length of the branching channel is increased.



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Electronic parts tooling, prototype manufacture, CNC machine


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