Auto parts tooling, CNC Machining, die/mould polishing

Auto parts tooling, CNC Machining, die/mould polishing

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Auto parts tooling, CNC Machining, die/mould polishing


Auto parts tooling, CNC Machining, die/mould polishing

It can be seen from the above that the unbalanced pouring system can shorten the flow of melt in the pouring system and reduce the loss of injection pressure and the filling time of melt in the multi-cavity injection mould. However, in the case of unbalanced arrangement, if the cross-sectional area and size of the diversion channel and gate to each die cavity are the same, the melt first fills the die cavity farthest from the main gate. Due to the deviation of filling mode, some products which are close to the runner may have defects such as groove, obvious weld mark and lack of material, and the dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties are difficult to guarantee. Therefore, for products with high quality or precision injection moulding, it is better to use balanced layout for the gating system.

In order to make plastics reach each cavity simultaneously in the non-balanced gating system. It is necessary to adjust the section area and the length of the diversion channel, but at the same time, the section area and length of the gate also have an impact on the flow. The adjustment of the trend balance method has certain subjectivity and needs to be tested to repair the shape of the gate. It should be pointed out that for the unbalanced gating system, even if the melt reaches each cavity at the same time through die modification, the melt pressure of each cavity can not be guaranteed to be the same, and the gate can not be frozen at the same time. Therefore, the amount of compensation is not the same, and the effect is not the same. Therefore, the size and performance of each product can not be guaranteed under the condition that the dimensions of each cavity are identical.

Flow resistance in gating system

Resistance of plastic melt through runner. The runner of the pouring system in the mould will produce a resistance to the plastic melt. This resistance reduces the pressure of the plastic melt. Through the study of the pressure drop, it is found that the pressure drop of the plastic melt flowing through the pouring system is proportional to the length of the material flow passage. In order to reduce the pressure drop, the length of the runner should be shortened as far as possible. The pressure drop and volume flow rate of plastic melt flowing through the pouring system are related to the cross section and size of the material flow passage in the system. With the increase of cross-section size, pressure peak decreases and volume flow increases.

Flow resistance of plastic melt flowing through gate and advantages of small gate. Gate is the interface between runner and cavity, and is also the last and most critical part of the gating system. Most of the gate is the smallest section area in the gating system (except for the main runner gate). The section area of the gate is only about 10% of the section area of the diversion runner. For plastic melt which obeys Newtonian fluid law, its viscosity has nothing to do with shear rate. Increasing the cross-section area of gate can reduce the flow resistance of melt and increase the flow rate of melt obviously. For non-Newtonian plastic melt, because its apparent viscosity is related to shear rate, on the one hand, increasing the cross-section area of gate can reduce the melt. On the other hand, with the increase of gate cross section, the flow resistance of melt decreases, and the pressure difference between front and back of gate decreases. Therefore, the shear rate of melt passing through gate decreases, and its apparent viscosity increases, but the flow velocity decreases. Only for non-Newtonian or plastic melts whose apparent viscosity is independent of shear rate, can flow resistance be reduced and flow situation be improved by increasing gate cross-section area. For most plastic melts which do not obey Newtonian fluid flow law, the method of increasing gate cross-section area can not simply be used to improve filling flow situation.



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Auto parts tooling, CNC Machining, die/mould polishing


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