ABS parts, plastic mold,injection mold for automotive

ABS parts, plastic mold,injection mold for automotive

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ABS parts, plastic mold,injection mold for automotive


ABS parts, plastic mold,injection mold for automotive

Generally speaking, when small gate is used for injection moulding, it has the following advantages.

There is a large pressure difference between the front and the back of the small gate, which can effectively increase the shear rate of the melt and produce a larger shear heat, thus resulting in the decrease of the apparent viscosity of the melt and the enhancement of its fluidity, which is conducive to filling. This characteristic of small gate is beneficial to the plastic moulding of thin-walled products or products with fine pattern, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other viscosities which are sensitive to shear rate.

In the process of injection moulding, the holding pressure feeding continues until the gate melt freezes, otherwise the melt in the cavity will flow backwards. If the gate is large, the time of packing and feeding will be long, while the time of packing and feeding will be shortened by small gate.

Because of the small gate volume and quick freezing, the forming cycle can be shortened when some products do not need to be completely cured.

Small gate has greater resistance to melt flow, so the non-equilibrium gating system tends to be balanced by adjusting cross-section size.

Small gate is easy to decorate.

However, it is noteworthy that although small gate has many advantages, too small gate will cause excessive flow resistance, so it is necessary to provide greater injection pressure and injection speed. At the same time, not all plastics are suitable for small gate injection moulding.

Design of shunt

Most plastic moulds are multi-cavity moulds. It has been discussed that the main channel is to introduce plastic melt into the moulds. At this time, the shunt channel is responsible for the distribution of plastic melt into each cavity. The main function of the diversion channel is to divert the high temperature plastic melt to the direction of the die cavity. Therefore, the diversion channel also has the following requirements:

When the melt flows through the runner, the temperature and pressure of the melt can not be lost too much.

The size of the shunt must be determined according to the complexity of the structure, volume, wall thickness and shape of the product.

The distribution of diversion channels should be balanced as far as possible.

Design of Cold Material Well and Drawing Bar

There are two types of cooling wells, one is for the purpose of holding or storing cold materials, the other is for pulling or ejecting condensate.

Cold Material Well

According to the need, not only at the end of the main channel, but also at the turning position of each diversion channel, and even at the end of the cavity, a cold material well can be set up. The cooling well should be set at the turning point of the melt flow direction and facing the upstream melt flow. Its length is usually 1.5-2 times the diameter of the runner D.




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ABS parts, plastic mold,injection mold for automotive


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