Black plastic parts die manufacture, plastic tool making and injection molding service

Black plastic parts die manufacture, plastic tool making and injection molding service

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Black plastic parts die manufacture, plastic tool making and injection molding service


Black plastic parts die manufacture, plastic tool making and injection molding service

Cold well with pulling rod

Pull-top cold material well formed by ejector rod.

The legs of the three ejector rods are fixed in the ejector plate to pull the main channel condensate out of the cavity at the edge of the fixed die when the flow direction is opened. In the subsequent demoulding process, the condensate is ejected from the driven die. Although the Z-shaped head is able to pull out the rod reliably, the unidirectional Z-shaped surface needs manual directional extraction of the condensate. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the condensate cannot be removed when restricted by the core or threaded core rod. In inverted cone and annular groove cooling wells, the condensate is in a free state after pulling first and then top, but the design of its size depends on experience. If the plasticity of the material is poor and the groove is too deep, the shear separation will occur when the demoulding ejection takes place. The one-way groove depth is 0.5-1 mm. For tough materials such as ABS, POM and PE, larger values are preferable. But for brittle materials such as PC, PMMA and P P, a smaller value should be taken, and the surface roughness of groove should reach Ra > 0.8-3.2 um.

The "pulling material" cooling well formed by pulling rod. The rod foot of the pulling rod is fixed in the dynamic die. The main channel condensate is pulled out of the fixed die when the die is opened, and then it is pushed out from the forming head of the pull rod by the push rod plate. The structure of pulling head has many forms, such as spherical, fungus head, etc. The other is to use the wrapping force formed by the cooling and contraction of plastics to achieve the purpose of drawing, such as conical head. This kind of form is often used in disc plastic parts with central holes such as single cavity forming gears, which can make the central holes and the outer circles get better concentricity. When forming large plastic parts, pits can also be excavated at the top of the cone as cold material wells.

Concave drawing cold material well. When the condensate is in a pit with a certain inclination to the direction of the die opening, the required pulling force can be generated, which can be used to pull out the main stream condensate or breakpoint gate. The main channel concave is a conical concave cold material well opened on the dynamic die of the main channel terminal, which must be matched with the S-shaped flexible diversion channel so that the condensate head can be pulled out smoothly from the blind hole; the diversion channel concave is a cold material well with inclined hole at the end of the diversion channel of the fixed template, and the breakpoint gate can be pulled out first, then the main stream can be pulled out. At the same time, the diversion channel and the condensate head are pulled out together. Finally, the condensate is ejected from the driven die and falls automatically.



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Black plastic parts die manufacture, plastic tool making and injection molding service


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