ABS Plastic parts die, plastic injection mold, tooling making service

ABS Plastic parts die, plastic injection mold, tooling making service

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ABS Plastic parts die, plastic injection mold, tooling making service


ABS Plastic parts die, plastic injection mold, tooling making service

Gate design

The gate is the part connected with the cavity in the mould casting system and the last part of the runner in the casting system. The molten plastic enters the cavity through the gate. The shape and size of the gate have an effect on the filling performance of melted plastics and the quality of the plastic parts, so the type and size of the gate, the location and number of the gate are the key points in the design of the gating system.

The following points should be considered in the design of gate:

Full filling of molten plastics and closing of the cavity after filling to prevent the cavity plastic backflow; easy to separate the plastic parts from the runner condensate; easy to control the filling of multi-cavity moulds; good feeding effect.

The gate can be smoothly connected with the die cavity and the diversion channel by the transition arc.

Direct gate.

Also known as the main runner gate or central gate. Direct gate has many advantages, such as filling with equal process while injecting, short process of gating system, so pressure loss and heat dissipation are small, and it is conducive to feeding and exhaust. Therefore, there is no visible fusion seam on the surface of the plastic parts, the quality of the plastic parts is good, and the pouring system has fewer condensates. So it is often used to inject large, thick-walled, long-process products and some high-viscosity plastics.

The diameter of the connection between the direct gate and the plastic part is about twice or slightly larger than the thickness of the plastic part. If the diameter here is not large enough, it will make the melt flow through the old friction increase sharply and produce dark spots and dark lines. If the diameter is too large, it will make the cooling time too long, the runner condensate too much, and easy to produce shrinkage holes. Its characteristics are that the plastic melt flows directly from the main channel into the die cavity, so the flow resistance is small, the material flow is fast and the feeding is good. But the disadvantage is that it will leave large marks on the plastic parts and it is difficult to remove them. The direct gate can also be set on the inner side of the plastic part. However, this will make the plastic part stay at the fixed edge, and the reverse demoulding mechanism is needed to remove it. In addition, the size of the runner is large and the freezing speed is slow; the injection pressure directly acts on the parts, which easily produces large residual stress at the edge material, and thus leads to warping deformation of the products, especially when polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastics are used, more attention should be paid to this problem. Direct gate is also suitable for large-scale products with thick wall and long runner, as well as some plastics with high viscosity, such as polycarbonate, etc.




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ABS Plastic parts die, plastic injection mold, tooling making service


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