ABS plastic parts tooling for mechanical product, plastic injecton tool

ABS plastic parts tooling for mechanical product, plastic injecton tool

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ABS plastic parts tooling for mechanical product, plastic injecton tool


ABS plastic parts tooling for mechanical product, plastic injecton tool

Side gate.

Side gate, also known as edge gate, is opened on the side of the cavity. It is usually connected with the shunt. It is suitable for all plastics, and is also a general choice of multi-cavity moulds. Because it is set on the main parting surface, the section shape is easy to be processed and adjusted. Side gate is often used in multi-cavity dies and can be designed into two-plate dies. It is also suitable for the moulding of various materials, and the condensate is easy to remove and has little effect on the appearance quality of the plastic parts.

Overlapping gate.

The side gate is arranged at the edge of the end face of the plastic part. It can avoid spraying of melt in large cavity. Especially suitable for low viscosity materials, melt can be injected orderly during filling.

Fan gate.

Fan gate is a variant form of side gate, which is set on the side of plastic parts. It is often used to form thin sheet products with larger die size. Because the density of the sector gate near the cavity is large, the flow of molten plastics into the cavity is more uniform, and the surface quality of the moulded parts is better. The disadvantage is that after the separation of the plastic parts and the gate, there are wider gate marks on the plastic parts, which need to be repaired.

When using sector gate, it must be noted that the section area of gate should not be larger than that of shunt channel.

In addition, there is an improved side gate. The fan-shaped gate expands from the runner to the cavity in a fan-shaped shape, and the depth gradually changes from deep to shallow. The cross-sectional area S of the gate shall be regarded as a constant. Plastic melt can be injected in a wide range, so this gate is suitable for large areas of thin-walled plastic parts. Because the fan gate is extended, the flow marks on the plastic parts are very small, and the orientation deformation is also small. When shaping a colored plastic part, it can obtain a delicate color. Except for materials with high viscosity, they are suitable for general plastics.

Slice gate.

Slice gate is also called flat joint gate. It can be regarded as a rectangular gate with a slightly larger width. This gate is suitable for large and thin-walled plastic parts which are prone to warping deformation. The maximum width of the sheet gate can be equal to that of the plastic part. Generally speaking, it is evolved from the sector gate, and the filling flow is more balanced. It is especially suitable for sheet plastic parts with transparency and flatness requirements and no flow marks on the surface.

Point gate.

Point gate, which is called needle-point gate, is the most commonly used gate form. It is suitable for double parting surface, multi-cavity structure and shell or box plastics. For large plastics, the use of multiple point gates can ensure full filling of the cavity, reduce internal stress and prevent warping deformation of the plastic parts. Point gate has many advantages as follows:

The shear rate of plastic melt can be greatly increased, and the apparent viscosity can be reduced obviously, which makes filling easy. This is more effective for PE, PP, PS and ABS which are sensitive to shear rate, i. e. melts with smaller non-Newtonian index.

When the melt passes through the point gate, it is heated by high-speed friction, the melt temperature rises, and the viscosity decreases again, which leads to the increase of fluidity again.

It can control the feeding time correctly without backflow. It is beneficial to reduce the residual stress of plastic parts, especially near the gate, and improve the quality of products.




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ABS plastic parts tooling for mechanical product, plastic injecton tool


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