Large Transparent Plastic Accessories tooling, plastic mold

Large Transparent Plastic Accessories tooling, plastic mold

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Large Transparent Plastic Accessories tooling, plastic mold


Large Transparent Plastic Accessories tooling, plastic mold

It can shorten the forming cycle and improve the production efficiency.

It is advantageous to the automatic separation of gate and product, and to the automation of the production process of plastic parts. Gate trace is small and easy to repair.

In the multi-cavity die, it is easy to realize balanced feeding of each cavity and improve the quality of plastic parts. The gate position can be chosen freely.

Point gate is easy to be separated from plastic parts. The scar of gate is very small and need not be repaired. It is especially suitable for automatic production, especially for polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS and other plastics. The disadvantage of point gate is that the die structure is complex, and it is generally a three-plate mechanism. Large injection pressure is required.

Point gate can be divided into two kinds according to its position. One is to connect directly with the main channel, and the whole point gate becomes a prismatic gate or olive gate. As the melt enters the cavity quickly from the injector nozzle, it can only be used for materials with stable temperature, such as PE and PS. The point gate with multi-point feeding through shunt channel is often used.

Point gate also has the following disadvantages: it must adopt double parting surface die structure; it is not suitable for plastic melt with high viscosity and insensitivity to shear rate; it is not suitable for thick-walled plastic parts; it requires high injection pressure.

Latent gate.

The latent gate is different from the foregoing gate. The gate position mentioned above is on the parting surface, while the diversion channel is on the parting surface. The gate dives into the template or the ejector rod and connects with the cavity. Usually the position of the latent gate can be located on the surface, side, back and end of the product, and can be drilled into the moving die or the ejector rod. There is no repair point for the gate in the product.

In addition, this kind of gate is also known as tunnel gate or shear gate. It is a kind of application form of point gate in special occasions, so it has all the advantages of point gate, so it has been widely used. The latent gate enters the cavity obliquely along the side of the parting surface. Therefore, when opening the mould, not only can the gate be cut automatically, but also its position can be set in the side, end and back of the product and other concealed places, so that the outer surface of the product does not leave any trace of the gate. When the latent gate is used, the three-plate die can be simplified to two-plate die.

Ring gate.

Ring gate is mainly used to form cylindrical products with holes, or along the inner circumference of the plastic parts called disc gate, along the outer circumference of the material called ring gate. It is characterized by uniform feed during filling. The material is basically the same everywhere. The air in the die cavity is expelled conveniently and the weld marks on the products are avoided at the same time.

The circular gate can make the feed uniform, achieve roughly the same flow rate on the whole circumference, and is easy to exhaust sequentially without welds.

The size of gate can be considered as rectangular gate, and its typical thickness is 0.25-1.6 mm. The gate step length is about 0.75-1 mm. When the quality requirement of the inner hole of the plastic part is very high, the gate and the workpiece can be cut off from the end by lapping, and the lapping length should be at least equal to or greater than the thickness of the gate.



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Large Transparent Plastic Accessories tooling, plastic mold


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