Clear plastic parts for subway station card reader, Injection Molding of Large Parts

Clear plastic parts for subway station card reader, Injection Molding of Large Parts

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Clear plastic parts for subway station card reader, Injection Molding of Large Parts


Clear plastic parts for subway station card reader, Injection Molding of Large Parts

Another form of circular gate, conical gate, is used to form parts with through holes in the middle. The conical core acts as a shunt. The two ends of the main core of the annular gate with lateral feed can be fixed, and the material is evenly distributed along the circumference in the annular channel. In fact, the velocity of flow in the population area of the annular gate is always higher. With the increase of the size of the annular cross-section, the non-uniformity of flow velocity will be improved. In addition, it can not completely avoid weld lines. It is difficult to remove the condensate from the annular gate. Turning is often used to remove the condensate.

Spoke gate.

The spoke gate is similar to the ring gate and is also the reference of the side feed gate. As the number of gate increases, there are many weld marks on the parts, which have an impact on the strength of the products. Its application scope is similar to circular gate, but it changes the whole circumferential feed into several segments of circular arc feed. Therefore, not only the removal of the gate condensate is convenient and material-saving, but also the stability is increased because the upper part of the core is positioned. The disadvantage is that there are several splicing seams on the parts, which have a certain impact on the strength of the parts. The gate is 0.8-1.8 mm deep and 1.6-6.4 mm wide.

Claw gate.

This kind of gate is a variation of spoke type, which differs from spoke gate only in that the diversion channel and gate are not in a plane. It is suitable for tubular parts, especially for tubular products with small inner hole and high concentricity requirement. Because the top of the core extends into the fixing die and plays a role of positioning, it also reduces the bending deformation of the core and ensures its concentricity.

Ear guard gate.

Although the small size gate has a series of advantages, it is easy to make the plastic melt produce jet flow during filling, resulting in various defects. In order to overcome these defects, ear-protecting gate can be used for the above products.

Ear-protecting gate, also known as split gate, is characterized by the use of small gate and ear-protecting method to change the flow direction of plastic melt and avoid the spraying phenomenon of small gate. The disadvantage is that the edge of ear protector must be cleared. This kind of gate is often used in large ABS, polymethyl methacrylate, polycarbonate transparent plastic products. The length of ear protector is 15-20m, the width is 1/2, and the thickness is 7/8 of the cavity thickness.

For products that are difficult to form or require optical properties, ear-protecting gate can be used to remove the residual stress accumulation from the products. It allows hole shrinkage near the gate and can effectively prevent jet flow and improve the internal quality of the product. Ear protectors are usually located in thicker plastic parts. When necessary, multiple ear protectors can be added.



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Clear plastic parts for subway station card reader, Injection Molding of Large Parts

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