Tooling for White wireless charger chassis, ABS PC plastic parts molding service

Tooling for White wireless charger chassis, ABS PC plastic parts molding service

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Tooling for White wireless charger chassis, ABS PC plastic parts molding service


Tooling for White wireless charger chassis, ABS PC plastic parts molding service

In addition to the 11 gate forms mentioned above, with the emergence of various new plastics and the improvement of die structure, more new gate will come out. Such as side gap gate for side parting core pulling, multiple gate in parallel (this gate can better shape plastic parts with many fine contours), multi-stage gate in series with multiple gate and damper gate with stop pin in gate (both of them are suitable for hard PVC). Damping gate uses damping to heat the melt to improve the fluidity of the material, but the consumption of injection pressure is large.

The selection of all kinds of gate mentioned above is a comprehensive technical and economic problem. Nowadays, it is mostly determined by experience, and it can also be determined by means of CAD technology and comparative analysis of various schemes. In the selection of gate form, the following problems should be considered: the number of cavity; the type and performance of plastics; the appearance and performance of products; the shape and size of products; the accuracy requirements of the shape, position and size of products; the post-processing of products; the reduction of residual stress in products; the structure of dies; the consumption of pouring materials; and the shortening of forming cycle.

Selection of Gate Location and Number

The location and number of gate opening on the parts have a great influence on the quality of products. Therefore, when choosing the location and number of gate, the flow status, filling sequence, exhaust and feeding of plastic melt in runner and cavity should be considered comprehensively in order to obtain the highest product quality.

Avoid defects on parts. If the gate size is relatively small and is facing a cavity with larger width and thickness, the high-speed flowing plastic melt passing through the gate will produce melt rupture phenomena such as spray and creep (serpentine flow) due to high shear stress. Sometimes the plastic melt will spray directly from the end of the cavity to the other end, causing folding, making the parts corrugated, seams and so on; or at high shear rate, ejecting a high degree of filamentation or fracture, quickly cooling and hardening and difficult to melt well with the melt that later entered the cavity, resulting in defects or surface defects of the parts. Jetting also makes it difficult to remove air in the cavity in order, thus forming air bubbles and even scorch marks in the products.

The ways to overcome these problems are as follows: firstly, changing small gate to large gate can greatly reduce the flow rate of melt and avoid spraying; secondly, using impact gate, that is to say, the gate is set in front of the cavity wall or core, so that the high-speed molten material flow impacts on the cavity wall or core, so as to reduce the flow rate and change the direction, so as to achieve uniform filling of the mould cavity and prevent the melt from cracking. Elephants.

The location of the latter gate is better, so it is beneficial to improve the quality of plastic parts and avoid defects in products.

It is conducive to flow, exhaust and feeding. When the wall thickness of the workpiece varies greatly, the gate should be opened near the thickest section to facilitate the flow, exhaust and shrinkage of the melt, and at the same time, the orientation degree and internal stress of the gate area should be reduced, on the premise of avoiding spraying. If the gate is located at the thinnest section, when the material flow enters the cavity, not only the resistance is high, but also it is easy to cool, and it will affect the flow distance of the material. When a stiffener is installed on the workpiece, the stiffener can be used as a channel to improve the melt flow (flow along the direction of the stiffener). At the same time, the position of the gate should be conducive to the discharge of gas in the die cavity. If the gas in the die cavity can not be discharged in sequence, the product will produce bubbles, looseness, unsatisfactory filling and poor melting, or when injected, because of the high temperature produced by the compression of the gas, the surface of the product will be charred and charred. Therefore, there should be an exhaust groove at the part far from the gate and the last filling place of the cavity, or the clearance between the push rod and the movable core should be used to exhaust. Large-scale moulds also need special air gap.



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Tooling for White wireless charger chassis, ABS PC plastic parts molding service


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