Plastic case of wireless charger, injection tooling for electronic products

Plastic case of wireless charger, injection tooling for electronic products

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Plastic case of wireless charger, injection tooling for electronic products


Plastic case of wireless charger, injection tooling for electronic products

It is worth noting that because of the inconsistent channel resistance in the die cavity, plastic melt is easy to fill the space with small resistance first, so the final filling place is not necessarily the farthest from the gate, but often the thinnest part of the workpiece. If there is no proper exhaust clearance in these places, a closed air bag will be created.

Increase weld mark fastness. For large-scale parts, because the process is too long, it is easy to cause the temperature of the weld to be too low, which makes the weld not firm (there are obvious cold joints), so the transition gate can be added or multi-point gate can be used. In this way, although the number of weld lines is increased, the weld fastness is improved. In addition, great attention should be paid to the orientation of the weld marks, which are short and avoid the bad distribution of the weld marks in line with the holes. In order to reduce the number of weld lines on the parts, it is better not to open more than one gate when the melt flow is not too long, if there is no special need. However, for large plate and shell parts, both internal stress and warpage deformation should be considered.

Direct gate, side gate and circular gate have no weld marks, while spoke gate has weld marks.

The effect of orientation on the properties of plastic parts.

Generally speaking, the orientation of plastic parts in the flow direction should be minimized, but it is impossible to avoid it completely. For a product, the strength and stress cracking tendency in the vertical and parallel flow direction will be different.

When the gate is above, the orientation is perpendicular to the circumferential stress direction, which will cause the effect of orientation on stress cracking to crack after a period of time. When the gate is at the bottom, the orientation along the circumferential stress direction will greatly reduce the phenomenon of stress cracking and improve the performance of the product.

The longer the flow distance is, the greater the internal stress caused by the flow and shrinkage between the freezing layer and the central flow layer. On the contrary, the shorter the flow distance is, the shorter the flow time from the gate to the end of the workpiece flow is, the thinner the thickness of the freezing layer is, the lower the internal stress is, and the warpage deformation is also greatly reduced.

This deformation is caused by the different shrinkage values of plastic melt in parallel and perpendicular to the flow direction.

Number and deformation of gate.

For large disc-shaped parts and box-shaped shell parts, multi-point gate tests are often used. The results show that the warpage deformation degree of the parts is not the same due to the different location and number of gate, and the roundness and flatness of the parts will also change. Experiments on disc-shaped parts made of reinforced PBT with 30% glass fibre show that the shrinkage rate perpendicular to the flow direction is about twice that of the flow direction, and the difference between the number and distribution of gate is observed. The degree of deformation is also different. Practice also shows that the best results can be achieved by using three point gates and setting them at each vertex of the equilateral triangle with the center of forming as the center, and making the gates fully balanced.

Location of gate (flow distance ratio).

After determining the type of gate, the position of gate in the cavity should be carefully determined. At this time, the process ratio of filling and the number of gate should be considered comprehensively, and the process comparison should be checked. The inappropriate gate location or insufficient number will cause the filling process to be too long, the pressure and temperature of the material flow front to be too low, which will reduce the density of the plastic parts, increase the shrinkage rate, and even cause the cavity to be unsatisfactory filling and other phenomena. Therefore, it is necessary to check the melt flow in the design.

The flow distance ratio varies with the properties of plastic melt, temperature and injection pressure.




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Plastic case of wireless charger, injection tooling for electronic products


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