Wireless Charger Shell, tooling for Electronic Products, Charger part manufacturer

Wireless Charger Shell, tooling for Electronic Products, Charger part manufacturer

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Wireless Charger Shell, tooling for Electronic Products, Charger part manufacturer


Wireless Charger Shell, tooling for Electronic Products

Calculating the Dimension of (Cold) Runner with Balanced Arrangement

The dimension design of the pouring system of injection mould is restricted by the pressure loss of the pouring system and the injection ability of the injection machine. A smaller cross-section of the runner can reduce the material used in the gating system, but increase the pressure loss in the runner. The molten material injected into the cavity can not reach the required filling rate because of the low pressure, which will affect the quality of the product and even make the cavity unable to fill. The theoretical calculation of the runner size can obtain the minimum size of the runner, and ensure the proper flow rate and pressure loss of the melt. The basic principle of calculating the runner cross-section size of the gating system with balanced and non-balanced layout is the same.

Adaptability of Plastic Varieties to Gates

Generally, the form of gate not only has a great influence on the fluidity, filling characteristics and forming quality of plastic melt, but also on the friction of melt through the gate and the orientation and crystallization stress after passing through the gate, which also directly affects the physical and mechanical properties of plastic products. These effects of gate on products are often manifested in warping or cracking near gate. Generally, this phenomenon occurs after the product has been used for a period of time, that is to say, these defects have a certain timeliness. Therefore, in some products with strict quality requirements, necessary tests should be carried out during production, including impregnation, stress test and density test to predict the aging degree of deformation. Through long-term practical experience, the adaptability of plastic varieties to gate should be found. The form of gate is also closely related to the forming process, which is treated concretely in concrete practice.

Selection of Gate Location

The choice of gate position is very important. It affects the quality of plastic parts and the flow of plastic melt. Therefore, the choice of gate position is a key factor in the gating system. Therefore, the following principles should be followed in order to reasonably select gate position.

Avoid melt rupture on plastic parts. If the die cavity with larger width and depth has smaller cross-section, the negative effect of the small gate is too big. When the plastic melt passes through, it is prone to jet flow and melt rupture. If these defects are frozen, they will form defects on the surface of the products. At the same time, the rapid flow of melt will produce corrugated, stagnant gas, and even cracks.

In order to overcome these defects, besides changing the gate location, it is necessary to increase the gate cross-section area.

Consider the effect of orientation on product quality. In the process of filling and feeding, a certain degree of flow orientation structure will inevitably occur, which will lead to the decrease of the strength of the product in the vertical direction of orientation and easy to crack. At this time, according to the relationship between the flow direction of the product and the direction of force, the position of the gate will be re-determined, so that the orientation will be reduced or changed.




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Wireless Charger Shell, tooling for Electronic Products


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