Black wireless charger chassis, Design and Manufacture of Precision Die

Black wireless charger chassis, Design and Manufacture of Precision Die

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Black wireless charger chassis, Design and Manufacture of Precision Die


Black wireless charger chassis, Design and Manufacture of Precision Die

It is good for flow, exhaust and feeding. In order to make the filling reasonable, the gate should be set at the thicker part of the product wall, and the exhaust hole should be opened near the gate to make the exhaust smoothly. The advantage of gate opening in the thickest part of the product is that it is conducive to shrinkage and overcomes shrinkage hole caused by volume shrinkage.

Strengthen the weld line strength. The weld mark is the joint produced when the plastic melt meets in the die cavity. Its strength is directly related to the service performance. The position and quantity of the gate have the greatest influence on it. The position of the gate changes, and the position of the welded joint changes. As the number of gate increases, the number of welded parts increases, so the choice of gate location should be conducive to the increase of weld strength.

Cold Cave

The function of the cold charge hole is to collect the frontal cold charge of the plastic melt so as to prevent them from forming cold scars on the products after flowing into the die cavity and to reduce the welding strength. Cold caverns are usually designed at the end of the main channel or the end of the shunt channel.

Design of gating system for runnerless condensate

The runnerless condensate pouring system has many advantages compared with the ordinary pouring system. For example, it avoids the problem of reclaiming material in common gating system, overcomes the depression and shrinkage hole of plastic parts caused by insufficient filling material to a certain extent, omits the process of trimming gate and reclaiming condensate of gate, shortens the forming and demoulding cycle, and is easy to realize automatic operation. Its disadvantage is that the structure of the die is complex and the maintenance is difficult, and the design, manufacture and use of the die are highly demanded.

Classification of hot runner gating system

The main characteristic of hot runner is that it can keep the melt in a melting and mouldable state during the whole moulding process. Therefore, if it is divided according to the heating method of the runner or the way of feeding, it can be divided into adiabatic runner and hot runner. The adiabatic runner can be divided into pit nozzle adiabatic runner and multi-cavity adiabatic runner, while the hot runner can be divided into extended nozzle hot runner, runner plate hot runner and valve gate hot runner.

Adiabatic runner

The adiabatic runner system is designed to be so thick that the plastic at the center of the runner does not solidify in time for continuous injection.

The melting state is always maintained so that the plastic melt can enter the cavity smoothly through it. It can be divided into two types: pit nozzle with single cavity and adiabatic runner mould with multiple cavity.



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Black wireless charger chassis, Design and Manufacture of Precision Die


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