Transparent disposable plastic cup, Manufacturing of daily necessities

Transparent disposable plastic cup, Manufacturing of daily necessities

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Transparent disposable plastic cup, Manufacturing of daily necessities


Transparent disposable plastic cup, Manufacturing of daily necessities

Adiabatic runner of pit nozzle

Also known as pit nozzle, adiabatic main channel, it is the simplest adiabatic runner, suitable for single cavity die. It installs a main channel storage pit between the injector nozzle and the die population. Because the material layer in the pit is thicker and is continuously heated by the nozzle and the plastic passing through each time, the material in the central part of the pit can keep flowing and allow the material to pass through. Because the gate is far from the heat source (nozzle), this type of gate is only suitable for products with short operation cycle (less than 20s) and plastic varieties with wide processing temperature, such as PE, PP, PS, ABS, etc. It is more difficult and not suitable for thermosensitive plastics such as rigid polyvinyl chloride and polyformaldehyde.

There are two kinds of multi-cavity adiabatic runners: totally adiabatic runner and semi-adiabatic runner.

Totally adiabatic runner.

The main channel diameter and diversion channel diameter are very large. The section is cylindrical. The diameter of common diversion channel is 15-32 mm. The longer the forming period is, the larger the diameter is. The maximum is 75 mm. When working, the insulating property of plastics is used to prevent the melt from solidifying, and the plastic melt on the outer runner contacts the mould and then cools, forming a semi-melting solidified layer (about 2-4mm) which acts as insulation for the melt in the central part, thus keeping the inner plastic in a melting state. This structure is suitable for the continuous injection moulding of multi-cavity moulds.

Semi-adiabatic runner.

The structure features that the runner or nozzle is heated to prevent the gate from solidifying. A heating rod is installed around the gate bushing to better prevent the freezing of the gate. Sometimes, the diameter of the shunt can be increased and the heating rod is inserted into the gate bushing. In order to reduce the heat loss of the shunt, more air insulation clearance should be set on the die to reduce the contact heat transfer. For the same purpose, annular voids are also arranged around the sleeve.

Hot runner gating system

The hot runner gating system is composed of a heated runner plate between the fixed plate of the die and the cavity plate. The runner plate is heated by a heater, so that the plastic in the runner is completely in a melting state. The runner plate is insulated with insulation material (asbestos, cement board, etc.) or air gap. The main channel and the diversion channel are both located in the hot runner plate, and the diameter of the diversion channel is generally 10-18 mm. The surface of the runner should be smooth, and the screw plug at the end of the runner hole should adopt fine thread larger than the diameter of the runner hole, and copper or fluoroplastic gasket should be used to prevent the leakage of the melt. Dead corners should be avoided at the corner of the runner and nozzle to prevent plastic detention and deterioration. The main structure forms of hot runner are extended nozzle hot runner, hot runner plate and valve gate hot runner.



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Transparent disposable plastic cup, Manufacturing of daily necessities

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