Disposable plastic cup mold, plastic injection molding cup

Disposable plastic cup mold, plastic injection molding cup

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Disposable plastic cup mold, plastic injection molding cup


Disposable plastic cup mold, plastic injection molding cup

Structure type of hot runner plate. Although there are many kinds of structures and installation methods of hot runner plate, and various new types of hot runner plate are still emerging and developing, the main distinction between them lies in the heating method. The structure of hot runner plate has two types: external heating and internal heating.

Externally heated runner plate.

This is the most common form, which can be divided into plate hot runner plate and tubular hot runner plate.

Plate type hot runner plate.

It is made of hot-working tool steel, drilling a circular runner of about 5-12 mm on the board, heating with a heating rod or a heating ring, etc. Air gap or other insulation material is used to insulate the fixed formwork and cavity plate between the runner plate and the die.

Hot runner plate heated by heating rod.

The thermocouple for temperature measurement should preferably be installed at the equivalent heating position of the heater, and the runner plate and each nozzle should be controlled separately. The inner wall of the runner needs to be milling or polished to avoid the decomposition of the stagnant material and smooth transition at the corner. Mainstream channel bushing is usually connected directly with thread on the runner plate, and does not contact with the bottom plate of the fixed die, so there should be heat insulation clearance. In addition, a filter should be installed in the bushing of the main channel to filter out impurities in the melt and prevent it from blocking the nozzle hole (gate). At the same time, the runner plate is required to have enough heating power to raise the temperature of the runner plate from room temperature to 200-300 C in 30-60 minutes.

Tube hot runner plate.

The structure characteristic of the tubular runner plate is that the runner is set in the tube. The tube coil heater is heated and the ceramic material is insulated. The tube is installed in the orifice plate to transport the melt injected by the injection machine. The temperature of the tubular runner plate is relatively low because of its less material and air gap insulation. Because the temperature fluctuation is very small, it is more suitable for the moulding of PA66, PBT, PC, PEEK, PET, PSU and glass fiber filled PVC and other plastics.

The runner made of stainless steel pipe is installed in the runner plate, and the heater is embedded in the same plate. Because the runner plate has good thermal conductivity, its temperature distribution is uniform, and it can also improve the life of the heater, and save 50% of the energy. Because of the circular arc channel and smooth inner surface, it is easier to change melt and color. It is suitable for the formation of chemically corrosive plastics, even fluoroplastics. The tubular hot runner plate can be connected with various pipe fittings to form a modern hot runner plate system, and different number of nozzles can be installed on the runner plate in a standardized mode.


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Disposable plastic cup mold, plastic injection molding cup


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