Card reader parts design, ABS parts tool, plastic injection mold

Card reader parts design, ABS parts tool, plastic injection mold

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Card reader parts design, ABS parts tool, plastic injection mold


Card reader parts design, ABS parts tool, plastic injection mold

Internal heated hot runner plate.

The runner plate is suitable for hot runner dies with internal heating probes at the feeding nozzle, and the shunt itself is also heated by internal heating. At this time, the surface temperature of the runner plate

Compared with the external heating runner plate, it is much lower, only about 40 C, and the temperature of the external heating runner plate is in the range of 200-600 C. Therefore, its heat loss is 75% less than the latter, which can save a lot of energy. The plastic near the outer wall of the runner is in a freezing state, only the center of the runner is in a flow state, which is similar to the adiabatic runner, so the possibility of material leakage is greatly reduced. In addition, it is also easy to change material and color. It can be used in conjunction with various types of nozzles. It has a large degree of freedom to install the cavity and is easy to achieve balanced flow. But its flow resistance is larger, such as inserting a heating pipe in the center of the distributor, the plastic melt flows along the outer space of the pipe. When the flow channel is vertically connected, in order to make the heaters in the center position not interfere with each other, the method of crossing between the vertical flow channels can be adopted. The disadvantage of the hot runner plate is that the material temperature in the cross section of the runner is not uniform, and it is easy to bring the cold material into the cavity during high-speed injection, which will reduce the quality of the product.

The shape of the hot runner plate.

The shape of the hot runner plate depends on the flow pattern of melt in the runner, the number and distribution of nozzles. The number of nozzles in a standard hot runner system is usually a multiple of 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64, or a multiple of 3, 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96. The application of this principle can ensure the symmetrical distribution of the die cavity, and easily achieve the natural balance of the cavity filling, so as to realize the modern die design.

In the design of diversion channel, the self-balance of equal flow path of all nozzles should be ensured. Under such diversion conditions, the diversion method of the channel on the channel plate depends on the structure level of the channel plate. In order to ensure its balance, parallel arrangement is also adopted among the cavities.

Reducing the mass of the runner plate can reduce the heating power of the runner plate. The installation method and arrangement of heater will also affect the shape of runner plate. Typical shape of runner plate can cause one or more H-shaped, X-shaped or Y-shaped. Because there will be temperature difference between different positions of runner plate, internal stress will occur. For closed and framed runner plate, this phenomenon should be avoided as far as possible. The shape of the runner plate should also enable the external cavity plate to support and accept it. Smaller runner plates can be made into circular plates.


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Card reader parts design, ABS parts tool, plastic injection mold


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