Clear plastic parts of card reader, large plastic part tooling service

Clear plastic parts of card reader, large plastic part tooling service

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Clear plastic parts of card reader, large plastic part tooling service


Clear plastic parts of card reader, large plastic part tooling service

Material for runner plate.

The hardness of hot runner plate material is very high because of the high surface pressure that hot runner plate bears when assembling and sealing, and in order to prevent the hot runner plate from bonding with the nozzle surface during expansion. To meet this requirement, tough alloy steels with strength of 1100 MPa and thermal conductivity of 35W/(m.K) can be used. When no bolt is used to fasten the runner plate, steel with a hardness of 35-40 HRC and higher strength is used to manufacture the runner plate. It is feasible to select hot-working steel DIN1.2343 or DN1.2714 for runner plate working at high temperature. For forming corrosive plastics such as PVC, corrosion-resistant steel should be selected to manufacture runner plates. In addition, the runner should be chromium-plated and the contact surfaces on the runner plate should be grinded. It should be emphasized here that in order to keep the melt from leaking and damaging other components in the hot runner system, the runner plate should not be made of untreated steel and aluminium alloy.

Heating of hot runner plate.

When working, the hot runner system must be in a state of thermal equilibrium. Heat loss must be compensated by heating. The ideal hot runner system will be isothermal. The heating system is required to supply enough heat to compensate for heat loss in the whole process. It must be noted that the heat generated by the high shear of the melt flowing through the runner, especially through the gate, also promotes the heating, which will compensate for the heat loss of the hot runner system.

The factors related to the heat balance of the hot runner system include various variable conditions in the forming process, the condition of the mould and the injection machine, and the surrounding environment. The temperature required for the hot runner system must be kept within the minimum deviation range. To meet this requirement, the following conditions must be met: clear targets should be given to the heating parts of the hot runner system; the power of heating elements should be designed and determined correctly; the position of heating elements should be set appropriately in the structure; the appropriate heating section and temperature measurement point should be determined; and good insulation (insulation) thermal conditions should be provided. From the point of view of use, the heating device should meet the requirements of durability, easy replacement, strong resistance to mechanical damage, leakage and corrosion, and safe and reliable connection.

Coil and belt heaters are often used to heat nozzles, while rod and tube heaters are commonly used to heat runner plates.

For safety, both designers and users should consider the voltage used in heating. This is a very important issue. Because heating method, temperature control device and connection mode are all related to voltage. There are also mixed forms, such as the runner plate is heated by conventional voltage (220-230V), while the nozzle is heated by low voltage electricity (24V, 5V).



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Clear plastic parts of card reader, large plastic part tooling service

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