Card Reader parts manufacturer, injection tooling,plastic mould making

Card Reader parts manufacturer, injection tooling,plastic mould making

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Card Reader parts manufacturer, injection tooling, plastic mould making


Card Reader parts manufacturer, injection tooling,plastic mould making

Valve gate hot runner nozzle

For plastics with low melt viscosity, in order to avoid salivation, hot runner moulds can adopt special valve gate structure. The spool is opened in the injection and pressure-holding stage, and will be closed after pressure-holding, and no salivation will occur after the product is removed.

Mechanical or hydraulic valve gate can pre-press the melt in the barrel of the injection machine before the valve core is opened. When the gate is opened, the volume of the pre-compressed melt expands rapidly, which can greatly shorten the filling time and increase the maximum flow ratio of the melt. Because of the rapid filling and closing gate, the total forming cycle can be shortened, which is most obvious for thin-walled products.

Valve gate driven by spring can be used in multi-cavity and single-cavity. The additives are installed around the nozzle and main channel, and the cover made of epoxy resin (FRP) is used for heat insulation.

The valve gate switch can be driven not only by spring, but also by hydraulic and pneumatic mechanism. In particular, the development of pneumatic-driven (through the cylinder) valve gate, because pneumatic-driven cleaner, safer, will not cause pollution due to leakage and other issues. The opening and closing of valve gate is accomplished by additional hydraulic mechanism. The hydraulic cylinder drives the valve core of the needle valve to do reciprocating motion through the lever to complete the opening and closing action of the gate.

In the hot runner die, the valve core of the mechanical or hydraulic driven valve gate can also be drilled and inserted into the inner heater, so that the valve core can play the role of internal heating shunt shuttle.

The main forms of condensate in runnerless gating system are introduced, i.e. adiabatic runner, including pit nozzle adiabatic runner for single cavity and adiabatic runner for multi-cavity, and hot runner gating system, including extended nozzle hot runner, hot runner plate and valve gate hot runner. They have different applicability and ease of operation for various plastics. They should be selected according to the variety of plastics and the complexity of plastic parts.


Principle of hot runner

The cold runner refers to the part between the die entrance and the product gate. Plastics flow in the runner by injection pressure and its own heat. The runner is a part of the moulding material, but it is not a product. So when we design the die, we should consider not only the filling effect, but also how to save material by shortening and reducing the runner. Ideally, this is the case, but it is difficult to achieve the best of both worlds in practical application.

Hot runner, also known as no runner, means that the plastic in the runner does not solidify after each injection, and the nozzle in the runner will not be released when the plastic product is demoulded. Because the plastic in the runner is not solidified, the runner is still open at the next injection. In short, the hot runner is the extension of the nozzle of the injection moulding machine.


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Card Reader parts manufacturer, injection tooling,plastic mould making


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