Transparent plastic parts for card reader, electronic plastic parts tooling

Transparent plastic parts for card reader, electronic plastic parts tooling

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Transparent plastic parts for card reader, electronic plastic parts tooling


Transparent plastic parts for card reader, electronic plastic parts tooling

Characteristics of hot runner die

The most remarkable feature of hot runner die is to save raw materials and reduce product cost. A large number of material shafts are produced in the ordinary pouring system. In the production of small products, the weight of condensate in the pouring system may exceed the weight of products. Because the plastic is always in the melting state in the hot runner mold, the products do not need to trim the gate, and are basically non-waste processing, so a large number of raw materials can be saved. Because there is no need for waste recovery, selection, crushing, dyeing and other processes, it saves time and labor, saves energy and reduces consumption.

The quality of the injection material can be improved remarkably because it is no longer mixed with the repeatedly processed gate material. At the same time, because the plastics in the casting system keep melting and the pressure loss is small when flowing, it is easy to realize the low-pressure injection of multi-gate, multi-cavity mould and large-scale products. Hot gate is conducive to pressure transmission, to a certain extent, it can overcome the defects of plastic parts such as depression, shrinkage and deformation caused by insufficient feeding.

It is suitable for a wide range of resins and easy to set forming conditions. Due to the improvement and development of hot runner temperature control system technology, hot runner can be used not only for polyethylene and polypropylene with wide melting temperature, but also for processing thermosensitive plastics with narrow temperature range, such as polyvinyl chloride and polyformaldehyde (POM). For polyamide (PA), which is prone to salivation, hot runner moulding can also be realized by choosing valve type hot nozzle.

In addition, simplification of operation and shortening of forming cycle are also important characteristics of hot runner die. Compared with the common runner, the opening and closing die stroke is shortened, not only the demoulding and forming cycle of the parts is shortened, but also it is conducive to the realization of automated production. According to statistics, compared with the ordinary runner, the forming cycle of the hot runner can generally be shortened by 30%. Why does this hot runner technology come into being? What benefits can hot runner technology bring us? Engineers familiar with injection molding technology know that conventional injection molding often has the following disadvantages: filling difficulties; thin-walled large parts easy to deform; waste of runner raw materials; and different quality of injection parts for multi-cavity moulds.

Advantages of Hot Runner System

Hot runner has many advantages. Therefore, it develops rapidly in foreign countries. More than 50% of the moulds produced by many plastic moulds factories adopt hot runner technology, and some moulds factories even reach more than 80%. In China, this technology has been fully popularized and applied in the past ten years. With the continuous development of the die industry, the proportion of hot runner used in plastic moulds has gradually increased, but it has not yet reached the proportion of foreign hot runner moulds. The emergence of hot runner technology provides a relatively perfect solution to these problems. Generally speaking, the following advantages can be achieved by using hot runner:

Shorten the forming cycle of the part because there is no restriction of cooling time of the runner system, the part can be ejected in time after solidification. Many small thin-walled parts manufactured by hot runner moulds have a forming cycle of less than 5 seconds.


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Transparent plastic parts for card reader, electronic plastic parts tooling

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