Black plastic parts making service, plastic injection mold manufacturer

Black plastic parts making service, plastic injection mold manufacturer

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Black plastic parts making service, plastic injection mold manufacturer


Black plastic parts making service, plastic injection mold manufacturer

Save plastic raw materials in the full hot runner die because there is no cold runner, so there is no production cost. This is especially significant for the expensive application projects of plastics. In fact, the major manufacturers of hot runners in the world have developed rapidly in the era of expensive petroleum and plastic raw materials. Because hot runner technology is an effective way to reduce the cost of raw materials.

In the process of hot runner moulding, the temperature of plastic melt is accurately controlled in the runner system. Plastics can flow more uniformly into each cavity, resulting in parts of the same quality. The hot runner forming parts have good gate quality, low residual stress after demoulding and small deformation. So many high quality products on the market are produced by hot runner moulds.

Eliminating the follow-up process is conducive to the production of automated parts after hot runner moulding is finished products, no need to trim the gate and recycle processing cold runner and other processes, conducive to production automation. Many manufacturers at home and abroad combine hot runner with automation to greatly improve production efficiency.

Expanding the application scope of injection moulding technology, many advanced plastic moulding processes are developed on the basis of hot runner technology. For example, PET preform manufacturing, multi-color co-injection in the die, multi-material co-injection process, STACK MOLD and so on.

Although hot runner dies have many distinct advantages over cold runner dies, die users also need to understand the shortcomings of hot runner dies. To sum up, there are the following points:

Mould Cost Rising

Hot runner components are expensive, and the cost of hot runner moulds may increase substantially. If the output of parts is small and the cost ratio of die tools is high, it is not economical. For mould users in many developing countries, the high price of hot runner system is one of the main problems affecting the wide use of hot runner moulds.

High Requirements for Manufacturing Technology and Equipment of Hot Runner Mould

Hot runner die needs precision processing machinery as guarantee. The requirement of integration and cooperation between hot runner system and die is very strict, otherwise there will be many serious problems in the production process of mold.

Complex operation and maintenance

Compared with cold runner die, hot runner die operation and maintenance is complex. If the operation is improper, the hot runner parts will be easily damaged, making the production impossible and causing huge economic losses. For new users of hot runner moulds, it takes a long time to accumulate experience.

Composition of Hot Runner System and Structure

Although there are many hot runner manufacturers and a variety of hot runner products in the world, a typical hot runner system consists of the following parts: hot runner plate, nozzle, temperature controller and auxiliary parts.

A successful hot runner die application project needs to be guaranteed by many links. There are two most important technical factors: one is the control of plastic temperature; the other is the control of plastic flow characteristics.

Control of Plastic Temperature

The control of plastic temperature is very important in the application of hot runner moulds. Many processing and product quality problems in the production process are directly caused by the poor temperature control of the hot runner system. For example, the problem of poor quality of product gate when torpedo hot nozzle is used for injection moulding, the problem of difficult needle closing completely during valve hot nozzle moulding, and the problem of inconsistent filling time and quality of parts in multi-cavity moulds. If possible, the hot runner system with multi-zone and sub-section temperature control should be selected as far as possible to increase flexibility and strain ability.



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Black plastic parts making service, plastic injection mold manufacturer


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