Over molding parts for card reader, injection tooling plastic shell

Over molding parts for card reader,  injection tooling plastic shell

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Over molding parts for card reader,  injection tooling plastic shell


Over molding parts for card reader,  injection tooling plastic shell

A successful hot runner die application project needs to be guaranteed by many links. There are two most important technical factors: one is the control of plastic temperature; the other is the control of plastic flow characteristics.

Control of Plastic Temperature

The control of plastic temperature is very important in the application of hot runner moulds. Many processing and product quality problems in the production process are directly caused by the poor temperature control of the hot runner system. For example, the problem of poor quality of product gate when torpedo hot nozzle is used for injection moulding, the problem of difficult needle closing completely during valve hot nozzle moulding, and the problem of inconsistent filling time and quality of parts in multi-cavity moulds. If possible, the hot runner system with multi-zone and sub-section temperature control should be selected as far as possible to increase flexibility and strain ability.

Control of Plastic Flow

Plastics should be balanced in the hot runner system. The gate should be opened at the same time so that the plastics can be filled in the cavity synchronously. It is necessary to balance the design of runner dimension for different parts. Otherwise, there will be some problems, such as insufficient filling pressure, excessive filling pressure and poor quality of flying edge. The dimension design of hot runner runner is reasonable. The filling pressure loss is too large when the dimension is too small. If the size is too large, the volume of the hot runner is too large, and the plastic resides in the hot runner system for too long, which destroys the performance of the material and causes the parts to fail to meet the requirements after forming. Mastip hot runner system has been preferred among many hot runner brands in the world. It belongs to the world famous brand industry, and its sales performance is increasing year by year. Mastip hot runner has been widely used in hot runner moulds of plastic products such as household appliances, cosmetics, automotive accessories, food and medicine, aerospace and so on. For example, most plastic products on Boeing 787 aircraft are Mastip hot runner moulded by Mastip hot runner system, which is favored by global consumers with stable quality and excellent service.

Structure of Hot Runner System

Hot runner system is generally composed of hot nozzle, shunt plate, temperature control box and accessories. Thermal nozzles generally include two types: open thermal nozzles and needle-valve thermal nozzles. The hot runner system is usually divided into open hot runner system and needle valve hot runner system because the form of hot nozzle directly determines the selection of hot runner system and the manufacture of die. The splitter plate is used in multi cavity or multi point feeding, single point feeding, but material level offset. Material usually uses P20 or H13. The splitter plate is generally divided into two categories: standard and non-standard. Its structure is mainly determined by the distribution of the cavity on the die, the arrangement of the nozzles and the position of the gate. Temperature control box includes main engine, cable, connector and wiring outlet. Hot runner accessories usually include heaters and thermocouples, runner sealing rings, connectors and junction boxes.



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Over molding parts for card reader,  injection tooling plastic shell


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